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Here's Where You Can Watch Every Season Of The 4400

Many sci-fi fans were enthralled with the mystery-driven show "The 4400" (pronounced "the forty-four hundred") when it ran on the USA Network from 2004-2007, and they were equally as devastated when it came to an abrupt end after four seasons.

According to IMDb, "The 4400" was written by René Echevarria and Scott Peters, and it follows the fictional investigation into what happened to 4,400 people who mysteriously went missing sometime in a 50-year time period that began in 1946 after they reappeared together, untouched by age and confused about what happened. The series stars Joel Gretsch as Tom Baldwin and Jacqueline McKenzie as Diana Skouris, two government employees who are investigating what happened to the men, women, and children who have been missing for some time, as well as the supernatural abilities — such as telepathy, telekinesis, among others — that some of the 4,400 people start exhibiting.

"The 4400" was a hit with fans and critics alike, with Rotten Tomatoes giving the show a Tomatometer score of 90% and an Audience score of 100%. However, since the show stopped airing new episodes, fans who haven't bought hard copies for themselves need to know how they can see all of "The 4400" if they want to watch the full series from start to finish. If you fall into that category, have no fear, as we've got you covered on which platform you can add the show to your watch list. 

You can watch every season of The 4400 on Netflix

At the time of this writing, you can watch every season of "The 4400" on Netflix, and it's the only way to watch the show online right now. If you don't have a subscription with that particular streaming service, you can't rent or purchase digital copies of each episode/season from other platforms like Amazon Prime or YouTube. The quality and popularity of the sci-fi show may be part of why "The 4400" is only available on one streaming platform at the moment 

As IGN wrote of the popular show, "With its focus on a male and female duo investigating strange phenomena for the government, it might be easy to first dismiss 'The 4400' as an 'X-Files' knock off, but that clearly wasn't the case at all. ... The strong cast did a great job conveying the confusion and heightened emotions that came with it. ... Sadly, 'The 4400' was cancelled after its fourth season, which was completed with the cast and crew unsure of the show's fate. It's very frustrating, because some incredible stuff is set up for a potential Season 5, as the show really changes things in a dramatic way."

While we wait for more details about the reboot ordered by The CW (per The Hollywood Reporter), we think it's a great time to head over to Netflix and start bingeing "The 4400" for some top-notch drama, mystery, and cutting-edge science fiction storytelling.