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Who Voices Lilian Weinberg In Dr. Stone?

When "Dr. Stone" premiered in 2019, the anime series felt refreshingly different compared to most Shonen Jump-based shows. The premise centered on a young protagonist like most other anime series, but 15-year-old genius Senku Ishigami is led more by a thirst for science benefiting society than he is on defeating any type of standard anime villain. Senku's quest involves him reviving people who were left petrified for thousands of years due to a mysterious flash and catching them up on the history and advancements of human civilization.

Part of "Dr. Stone's" appeal has relied on its unique way of feeling like a surprisingly accurate science show encased within a fun anime drama. However, the series, which has had a confirmation for Season 3, also has a host of charming and unique characters that highlight some of humanity's greatest contributions. This includes Lillian Weinberg, the singer who was a part of the International Space Station crew. Lillian seems to represent the power and importance of music for humanity. And she definitely shows off this concept when she performs the inspiring song "One Small Step" in the series. It's a memorable song expertly powered by the character's singing. But Lillian's voice isn't solely performed by one actress in the series. In fact, the character has a total of three actresses behind it.

Lilian's singing voice actress has appeared on Father Brown

Via Anime News Network, in Japan, Lillian Weinberg is voiced by Japanese voice actress Lynn, who has quite a number of credits to her name. Lynn has usually voiced random and background characters for series like "Naruto," but her most notable credits include Princess Hibana in "Fire Force," Fuuka Akitsuki in "Fuuka," and Nico Goldstein in "Devil May Cry V." Meanwhile for "Dr. Stone's" English Dub, Lillian is voiced by voice actress Caitlin Glass, whose work in anime even extends to scriptwriting work for Funimation as well as work as an ADR director. Some of her notable roles include Winry from "Full Metal Alchemist" and Mina Ashido in "My Hero Academia."

Lillian's third voice actress is the one who provides the character's singing voice. Her name is Laura Pitt-Pulford, and, per Anime News Network, her singing is heard in both the original Japanese version and the English version of "Dr. Stone," specifically in the Season 1 episode "A Tale for the Ages," when Lilian sings to Earth from the space station. It appears "Dr. Stone" is Laura's only work so far in anime, but "Father Brown" fans may have seen her work as Scarlett Dreyfuss in the sixth-season episode "The Tree of Truth."