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The Surprising Organization That Has A Bone To Pick With AHS: Freak Show

"American Horror Story" has had its share of controversies. Every season has its jaw-dropping moments, from addiction demons to mass shootings. Given the content, saying "AHS" creator Ryan Murphy likes to push the envelope would be an understatement. For the show's fourth season, entitled "Freak Show," the writers told their version of a traveling circus. A carnival isn't complete without a clown, but no run-of-the-mill Bozo would do for the horror anthology.

"We said in the writer's room that if we were going to do clowns, we were going to create the most terrifying clown of all time," Murphy told BuzzFeed News. Enter Twisty The Clown, portrayed by "Zodiac" actor John Carroll Lynch. With a predilection for brutal killings and his bloody appearance, Twisty quickly became one of the most terrifying characters on "AHS."

"People are honestly terrified of me," Lynch told BuzzFeed about how Twisty was received by the cast and crew. "Two crew members have told me they have nightmares," he elaborated. However, it seems the crew members weren't the only ones who had a problem with the murderous clown. His appearance in Season 4 also caused a stir with an unexpected organization that spoke out about their disapproval of the character.

This organization had a problem with Twisty The Clown

Glenn Kohlberg, president of the organization Clowns of America International, doesn't see any redeeming qualities when it comes to Hollywood's typical version of a clown. In the wake of the premiere of "AHS: Freak Show," the organization spoke out against the depiction of Twisty.

"Hollywood makes money sensationalizing the norm," the club leader said to The Hollywood Reporter. "We do not support in any way, shape, or form any medium that sensationalizes or adds to coulrophobia or 'clown fear.'"

That's bad news for "AHS", which featured Twisty as one of the main killers during Season 4. The clown returned for Season 7 via a comic book come to life. "AHS: Cult" also featured some terrifying masks reminiscent of court jesters, a reference the organization likely wasn't happy with if any of them were watching. Their viewership is unlikely, as Kohlberg has denounced any depictions of sinister clowns.

"Clowns to killers, I choose not to play into any of it. The more attention we give it just gives it more fuel," he concluded. By the looks of things, the organization isn't looking forward to the upcoming 10th season of "American Horror Story."