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The Surprising Salvador Dali Book That Sold For Hundreds On Pawn Stars

In 1973, the famed Spanish surrealist artist, Salvador Dalí, published a cookbook called "Les Diners de Gala," which contained opulent recipes accompanied by Dalí's fantastical, somewhat disturbing illustrations. Only a few hundred copies of the original print run survive, according to art blog Colossal, and they're very valuable. A particularly special one of those cookbooks turned up on a recent episode of History's hit reality series "Pawn Stars."

In the Season 18 episode "Rick's Surreal Supper," a seller named Brandon brought a signed copy of "Les Diners de Gala" into the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. He explained that he found the book stashed away in the attic of his house after he moved in. The recipes in the book were not things he would cook himself, but he figured the book might be a collector's item for a Dalí fan — which Rick Harrison is.

Rick was very excited about the book, and showed off his knowledge of Dalí, describing his 1931 painting "The Persistence of Memory" (the one with the melting clocks) as "probably the most famous surrealist painting ever done." Rick explained that the very famous Dalí satisfied the demand for his art by drawing or painting over 100,000 images. "You would think that many out there would, like, lower the price," Rick said. "But he's so popular everywhere in the world that his prices actually have been going up for a long, long time. You could argue that he's the most famous painter of the 20th century, him and Picasso."

Rick didn't know about the cookbook until now, and he thought it was really cool. He asked Brandon how much he wanted for it. Brandon said that given the condition and the autograph, he'd like $2500.

Rick Harrison shows his artistic side

Rick considered that offer for a moment, and countered with $400. By 1973, Dalí was huge, so it's not that rare. Still, the fact that it's signed by the artist ups the value a bit. Brandon came back with $500, and Rick accepted — because he wanted to use it. Nice profit for Brandon!

Rick took the book into the office to show to Corey and Chumlee. He invited them over for a Dalí dinner party. He did the cooking. Later, they went over to Rick's house, where they were greeted by Rick's youngest son, Jake. Rick had changed into a purple striped jacket that made him look more like Willy Wonka than Salvador Dalí. He made the boys "Oasis Leek Pie," a savory pie with a leek that looks like a palm tree sticking out of it, and baked fish with the eyes and guts still in. The guys were grossed out, and Rick was mock-insulted (this was clearly one of the show's infamous scripted bits). "It's edible art," Rick sniffed.

Corey, Chumlee, and Jake left to go get burgers, leaving Rick to eat his surrealist dinner by himself. He took one sniff of the leek pie, and went to catch up with his boys.