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The AHS: 1984 Character Fans Wish Had A Happy Ending

Ryan Murphy's creations are lucky to get a happy ending. Often, the characters in "American Horror Story" are maimed, murdered, destined to haunt a cursed place, or stuck in hell a la Misty Day in "AHS: Coven," as noted by PopSugar. The ninth season, "AHS: 1984," was no exception, as almost everyone who set foot on the campgrounds never left. One could argue that Billie Lourd's and Matthew Morrison's characters, Montana Duke and Trevor Kirchner, had the most macabre version of a happy ending — forever living out their '80s dreams as spirits at the abandoned grounds. However, they're still ghosts. 

The "final girls" of the season, Donna Chambers (Angelica Ross) and Brooke Thompson (Emma Roberts) made it out alive, but not without harrowing battle scars. Having two final girls was a fresh take on the horror slasher trope that Murphy honored in the season, but there was someone else who fans wished had lived to see another decade. This "AHS: 1984" character was part of the body count, but fans wish she had a happy ending.

'Chef Bertie is good people!'

We're not saying that remembering everyone's particular sandwich order makes someone a good person, but it's a start. Everyone knows Camp Redwood's esteemed Chef Bertie (Tara Karsian) never did anything to harm anyone. She agreed to return to Camp Redwood after the first massacre to usher in a new year of beautiful memories for the campers but was instead met with the sharp end of Mr. Jingles' ax.

Before her untimely death, Bertie was a delight. Trevor (Morrison) had such fond memories of her that he was willing to risk his life to save her. As the campers are being killed off, he plans to save Bertie, and when Montana protests, he's quick to remind her that "Chef Bertie is good people!" The sentiment stuck with fans who started several celebratory threads on Reddit for the character after her death scene. Many agreed with Redditor yes_sensei's summation, as they were "really hoping [Bertie would] last, but glad she was shown a bit of mercy, too."

By season's end, Chef Bertie's spirit remained at Camp Redwood. She was one of many ghosts tasked with killing Richard Ramirez every day. Despite her agonizingly slow death, it seemed Bertie remained in good spirits (pun intended). She was still gunning to make out with her fellow apparitions in the afterlife, and every line Karsian delivered was a perfect sound bite. Karsian's confidence as the unfazed chef could teach us "a thing, or three," as she suggested to Chet (Gus Kenworthy) with a come-hither stare.

Just like user MadeupMelly wrote in the above thread, we "adore Bertie" and hope to see Karsian return for another season of "American Horror Story."