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The Jim And Michael Moment That The Office Fans Can't Stop Watching

One of the things that keep audiences coming back to "The Office" after all these years is the emotional, hilarious, and unique relationship Michael Scott (Steve Carell) has with his employees. A lot of characters may not understand him, and while he's known to alienate his coworkers from time to time, he also knows how to connect with people on surprisingly deep levels. This is made evident when he's the only person at Dunder Mifflin to support Pam (Jenna Fischer) at her art show. This knack for understanding his friends in a way few people do, even if they don't necessarily know it's happening, undoubtedly made him the most influential figure on the series

Michael has a lot of standout moments across "The Office," from burning his foot on a Foreman grill to leaving Dunder Mifflin a day early because he can't stand to say goodbye to his coworkers. While those beats may make the highlight reel, Carell was a master at finding little moments to infuse with meaning. In fact, "The Office" fans have gone back with a newfound appreciation for one small moment in particular from the Season 3 episode "A Benihana Christmas," which is rightfully considered the best "Office" Christmas episode in the entire series. 

The 'I marked her arm' line from a Benihana Christmas continues to inspire laughs

"A Benihana Christmas" is noteworthy for several reasons. Some viewers may be surprised to learn the holiday classic was directed by none other than Harold Ramis — director of "Caddyshack" and "Groundhog Day," also known as Egon from "Ghostbusters" — and the episode also includes a joke that cost the production team $60,000. Among all the bits and one-liners, there's a small moment fans of the sitcom have taken to Reddit to appreciate fully. 

The moment comes late in the episode, after Michael brings the Benihana waitresses to the office Christmas party. It becomes a running gag that Michael can't remember which waitress is "his," so he marks her with a Sharpie to tell them apart. After the women leave because the party "blows," he shares a laugh with Jim, seemingly becoming aware of how off-putting and weird it was to mark a human being with a Sharpie. It's not necessarily breaking the fourth wall, but it's a rare moment in which Michael acknowledges he's kind of weird. As pointed out by u/TheAllyCrime, "I love this scene because it's one of the unique times where Michael gains self-awareness about how ridiculous his actions are."

It also shows that even though Jim may make fun of Michael from time to time, there's a genuine connection present. As u/nicomycousin2 points out, "These scenes when two main cast members go one on one and drop the antics/goofiness of their character, are truthful, and just show that they are true friends who are there for each other." That short single moment so perfectly exemplifies what makes "The Office" work so well. The sitcom just has a way of comforting you while making you laugh simultaneously.