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Night Court Revival - What We Know So Far

"Night Court" is on the path to being back in session now that NBC has ordered a pilot episode of a reboot starring "The Big Bang Theory" actress Melissa Rauch. Now a pilot order isn't the same as an official series order, so there's no guarantee the reboot will be on NBC's lineup this coming fall. Still, given the fact that the series is based on a recognizable IP and stars an in-demand sitcom favorite, the pilot is definitely off to a promising start.

The original "Night Court" aired from 1984-1992 on NBC, where it earned multiple Emmy nominations, including four Best Supporting Actor wins for John Larroquette. The series was set during the night shift of a Manhattan municipal court, which was frequented by a cast of eccentric characters. At the heart of "Night Court" was the magic-loving Judge Harry Stone played by the late Harry Anderson.

While prosecutor Dan Fielding (Larroquette) and the defense attorneys sparred over their clients, Harry ruled over the court with a soft touch and unwavering optimism. It seems the reboot intends to honor his unique approach to the law via Rauch's character since Anderson died at the age of 65 in 2018 (via The New York Times).

Even though details about the "Night Court" reboot are scarce at this early stage, read on for everything you need to know about this exciting revival.

When will the Night Court revival be released on NBC?

As of writing, NBC has only given the revival a pilot order. That means a pilot will be filmed before the network decides whether or not it will move forward with a full series order. The road between a show filming a pilot and actually making it on air can be a long process. At this stage, "The Night Court" revival hasn't even fully rounded out its cast yet.

Let's assume the rest of the casting process moves relatively quickly, and NBC is able to film the pilot sometime over the summer. At that point, the pilot will be evaluated by the studio's execs, and if it goes to series, a writer's room will be opened up and filming on the first season will begin. That means if everything works out, the new "Night Court" could be on NBC by late fall 2021 at the earliest, although a more reasonable estimate for Season 1's premiere is winter or spring 2022.

Ultimately, the release date is in NBC's hands. But as long as they're happy with the pilot, viewers could potentially be watching the show by the end of the year.

Who has been cast in the Night Court revival?

The new "Night Court" series isn't a traditional reboot. Instead, it's a continuation of the original series with a mostly new cast of characters. The comedy will be anchored by Melissa Rauch, who is set to play Abby Stone, the daughter of Harry, and an "unapologetic optimist" just like her dad, according to TVLine.

Also on board for the revival is John Larroquette, who is reprising his role as Dan Fielding. No other cast members have been announced just yet, but there is reason to hope some of the actors from the original series will, at the very least, make a guest appearance. While some of the classic sitcom's stars either no longer act or act sporadically, potential guest stars could include Richard Moll (the hulking but kind-hearted bailiff Bull) and Marsha Warfield (Bull's tough counterpart Roz).

In addition to potential appearances from the original cast, NBC is no doubt looking to round out the new cast with at least a few more seasoned comedy actors, so stay tuned for more casting announcements as filming for the pilot gets underway.

What is the plot of the Night Court revival?

The revival is wisely anchoring itself to the memory of Harry Stone. As his daughter, Abby will be eager to follow in her dad's footsteps. Just like Harry, she'll be preceding over the night shift of a Manhattan arraignment court, and as a result, viewers can expect her to encounter an eclectic bunch of characters each week.

Meanwhile, Dan Fielding is no longer working as a night court prosecutor, which suggests he may have a personal connection to Abby. It's possible he will be a surrogate father figure to her in the wake of Harry's death, or even an antagonistic figure in her life since she's eager to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, while Dan was always more of a shark.

So far, those are the only details NBC has released, but since the pilot is a multi-camera project like the original, it's likely it will follow a similar format. Expect Abby to handle a different wacky case each week as she and the rest of the night shift workers deal with the strange people who frequent late-night courtroom proceedings.

There's no denying the "Night Court" revival has big shoes to fill, but the early details suggest the potential series is off to a solid start.