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No Game No Life Season 2 - What We Know So Far

"No Game No Life" is a popular anime based on a light novel and manga of the same name by Yuu Kamiya. Both the anime and its source material follow the adventures of step-sibling Sora and Shiro, who together make up the unbeatable gaming team "Blank." One day, Blank is approached by a person named Tet online. Claiming to be the One True God, Tet challenges them to a game of chess. After losing to the pair, Tet sends them to an alternate reality called Disboard, where everything is decided by games. In this new world, the twins set about conquering the 16 separate civilizations and eventually becoming gods themselves.

Apart from being an anime about strategy and games, "No Game No Life" is also a comedy. Likewise, the show received high praise for its top-quality animation, which was uniquely colorful and stylish. Despite its popularity, however, "No Game No Life" only ever received one season of episodes before seemingly disappearing. The studio behind the anime's development, Madhouse, produced a prequel movie adapting the light novel's sixth volume called "No Game No Life: Zero." But since then, fans have not seen heads or tails of the series. Still, the show was never officially canceled and fans still eagerly wait for Season 2 to drop.

When will No Game No Life Season 2 be released?

At the moment, there have been no announcements in regards to a second season of "No Game No Life." Despite the show's popularity, it seems that Madhouse has no intention of returning to Disboard for anything but the occasional movie. In 2017, the company released an adaptation of Volume 6 of the original light novel, proving that Madhouse is at least a bit hesitant to let the series go completely.

This may be the result of a controversy regarding the series' original author, Yuu Kamiya in 2014. According to The Storify News Times, Kamiya had allegedly plagiarized the works of several other artists. Kamiya even went so far as to apologize to the artists and reimburse them for the art he copied.

However, this idea is merely speculation, as neither Kamiya nor Madhouse have officially canceled production of the popular show. For that reason, fans still hold out hope that Madhouse will revive the anime in the near future.

Who will be in No Game No Life Season 2's cast?

Because "No Game No Life" Season 2 has not been announced, there is no official information regarding the potential cast. Presumably, the original voice actors for Season 1 would return to reprise their roles for Season 2. This includes the main voices for protagonists Sora and Shiro, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and Ai Kayano, as well as their English dub counterparts, Scott Gibbs and Caitlynn French. However, it is also possible that this will not be the case.

Given the uncertainty, then the identity of any possible newcomers would be just as much of a mystery as anything else. Just like the release date, the whole situation is utterly reliant on whether Madhouse ever decides to revive the beloved series. Until then, fans can only cross their fingers and hope their favorite actors stick around if Season 2 ever comes around.

What will be No Game No Life Season 2's plot?

Should the day ever come that "No Game No Life" Season 2 gets released, fans can expect to see the story continue down the same path as the light novel or manga. The anime stopped its adaptation at the third volume of the light novel, meaning there are two more books of untold material between the end of the anime and the beginning of the film.

At the end of Season 1, Shiro and Sora had just successfully defeated the Eastern Federation, creating a pact between it and the Elkian Empire. Shortly after, the group summons a great deus with the intent of challenging them to a game. While this ending doesn't stay faithful to the light novel entirely, it doesn't quite deviate enough to completely bar Season 2 from getting back on track.

If this were the case, then "No Game No Life" Season 2 would continue following Sora and Shiro as they move on to conquer the country of the dhampir and sirens. In a bizarre twist, however, their challenge involves taking part in a romance game of sorts, entering the dream of a Siren Princess to win her love.