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Why The Bad Batch's Omega Is So Important To Boba Fett

The new Disney+ series "Star Wars: The Bad Batch" has finally arrived, and it explores the immediate aftermath of "Star Wars: The Clone Wars." The premiere kicks off with Emperor Palpatine commanding the Clone forces to execute Order 66 across the galaxy. As the Jedi fall, Clone Force 99 can only watch in horror as their inhibitor chips malfunction due to their individual genetic abnormalities. Thankfully, when they return to the Clone facilities on Kamino, their spirits are raised by an intriguing individual named Omega, who is voiced by "Fear the Walking Dead" star Michelle Ang.

The young girl is another Clone living on the planet and works with the Kaminoans as a Medical Adviser, although it's not 100% quite clear why she was being kept from all the other Clones. By the end of "The Bad Batch" premiere, Omega tags along with Clone Force 99 when they're forced to go on the run from the Empire, and they head off into the galaxy to search for an old friend.

But it becomes increasingly apparent that Omega might have a deeper connection to a fan-favorite "Star Wars" villain, Boba Fett, teasing an interesting future for the young girl.

The Fett family bonds are strong

It's fair to say the Fett family hasn't had the easiest few years. Although bounty hunter Jango Fett had a lucrative gig with the Kaminoans, he was later decapitated in front of his son in "Star Wars: Attack of the Clones", and Boba strapped on the armor to become a bounty hunter himself. That wasn't a smooth adventure, and we know that he landed in the Sarlaac Pit for some time before managing to escape and resurface in "The Mandalorian."

But in "The Bad Batch", it's implied that Omega is also a Jango Fett Clone, much like the rest of the Republic army, because she speaks with the same accent heard from Temuera Morrison (who first played Jango in live-action). It's not clear why the Kaminoans decided to create a female Clone; perhaps the voice is Omega's uniqueness, and that makes her a good fit as a member of Clone Force 99. But if she is indeed born from Jango's DNA, that makes her something of a sister to Boba Fett.

We haven't seen nor heard Boba mention anything about other family members (aside from Jango) in "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," "Star Wars: Rebels," or "The Mandalorian," so it's not clear if he will eventually learn about Omega's existence. But it would definitely be interesting to see the two meet at some point in the timeline. We'll just have to wait for more episodes to find out if Dave Filoni is putting the two on some sort of collision course.