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The Most Hated Character In The Order, According To Fans

Netflix's "The Order" explored humanity's darkest urges and how they could be enabled with magical powers. Over two seasons, fans watched Jack Morton (Jake Manley) as he descended further and further into the magical underground of the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose, a secret society that teaches magic. As he got deeper into the magical world, other factions presented themselves. There were the Knights of Saint Christopher, a sect of werewolves dedicated to eliminating dark magic at any cost. The Esoteric Sons of Prometheus was an even more closed group, sharing a hive mind and a connection to the earth. Another group, Praxis, sought to bring magic use to the masses.

Jack battled many foes and frenemies: werewolves, apocalyptic magic users, and his own dad. But one character failed to connect with audiences. A Reddit post dedicated to hating on Alyssa Drake, played by Sarah Grey, wasn't shy about what viewers didn't like about the love-interest-turned-foe.

"[B]y the time that she is willing to cause the apocalypse, I did not care if she lives or dies," wrote one user. "Actually, I hoped she died, because at that point, that's what she deserves for being that stupid." How can a character go from second-billed to most despised?

Fans disliked Alyssa's poor decision-making skills

Alyssa could be swayed by pretty much anyone who offered to amp up her magical abilities. She once told Jack that magic was the only thing in her life that made sense. So when her powers were weakened by Vera Stone ("Ginger Snaps" star Katharine Isabelle), she joined Praxis. Fans disliked how she ping-ponged from faction to faction, with one Reddit user writing, "She doesn't seem to have developed a strong value system and moral compass yet. Her naivety is a big problem."

Other Redditors also strongly disliked her naivete. "The Order" is a world full of backstabbing secret societies. You should probably assume people are harboring secrets and will stab you in the back, Alyssa! "I found her particularly naive and stupid when she believed in a incantation deus ex machina with no sacrifices or consequences," one user wrote. 

Alyssa continues working with Praxis to make magic use more egalitarian, even though it causes possibly world-ending Tartarus eruptions. For some people, this broke her character. "It's a little understandable why she went through such lengths to try and get it back, to be able to make sure no one loses their connection to magic like she did," one Redditor explained. "The thing that doesn't make sense to me is the part where she was willing to do all that and risk ending the world ... like what the hell? That doesn't go with her character at all." 

Since Netflix canceled The Order right as Alyssa died, it seems her reputation will remain forever tarnished.