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Claws Season 4 Release Date, Cast And Plot - What We Know So Far

When TNT's hit drama "Claws" premiered in 2017, audiences had no idea what to expect. Executive producers Eliot Laurence and Rashida Jones kept the big reveals of the series a mystery leading up to the premiere. The flashy nails, provocative cast, and Palmetto scenery masked the deeper story of the criminal enterprise brewing beneath the surface.

Led by the charismatic Niecy Nash, the show focuses on her character, Desna Simms, and the tight crew that work at her salon, Nail Artisans. They are a colorful group of friends, and somewhat of an unlikely team. Over three seasons, audiences have come to understand the history of Desna's bond with Jennifer, Polly, and Quiet Ann. And we've seen a sort of mother-daughter bond grow between Desna and Virginia, the newest addition to the sassy squad.

As Desna works to grow her business and become a badass boss, she's often sidetracked by the needs of her austic brother, Dean, the wavering affections of her gangsta boo Roller, and the Palmetto honcho who's a constant thorn in her side, Uncle Daddy (Dean Norris).

A year after TNT announced the renewal of the fourth and final season of "Claws," the coronavirus pandemic halted production. As several shows scrambled to get back on track, fans were eager to know when the glitter nail gang would make a comeback. Here's everything we know so far.

When will Claws Season 4 be released?

After an exhaustive year of reruns of reality shows and sporting events, TV fans are finally being gifted with the return of popular shows. Although there was plenty of time to catch up on the explosive happenings of the French Tip troop on streaming sites like Hulu, the literal blaze of glory at the end of Season 3 left fans hungry for what's next. 

TNT also revealed that the new season of "Claws" will be released on June 6, 2021. With this being the final season of the racy romp, fans are excited to know which characters will take the final bow, and how this season will play out. Nash got her first directing opportunity on the Season 3 episode "Zaddy Was a Rolling Stone" and spoke with Black Girl Nerds about the fun she brought to the New Orleans set, saying: "I brought in a second line band for them because it's New Orleans and that's how you celebrate people who you love." Hopefully, Nash will get the opportunity to once again flex her director muscles in the final season.

Who will be in the cast for Claws Season 4?

Nash is certain to return in her role as leader of the buxom brood. With one business up in flames, and the other always on the brink of calamity, Desna has several loose ends to tie up. Her closest comrades, Jennifer (Jenn Lyon) and Polly (Carrie Preston) are sure to be by her side as she faces whatever hardship will inevitably come her way. The youngest nail tech, Virginia, is expected to make a splash on the new season, since star Karrueche Tran has recently posted several bawdy Instagram photos from the Virginia inspired account. Harold Perrineau will also return as Desna's brother Dean, who's growing confidence and independence filled Desna with a ton of grief in Season 3.

Quiet Ann (Judy Reyes) went through quite an emotional transformation in Season 3, after learning she was pregnant, and losing her wife not long after. Over the course of Season 3, her friendship with Desna soured, and it was left on an ambiguous note. Fans will have to dig into the new season to see if she and Desna are able to patch things up. 

And after spending two seasons in an insane seesaw of a relationship, Desna and Roller (Jack Kesy) finally allowed their love to blossom. But, after getting into hot water with the law, Roller went on the run. He bid farewell to Desna, with promises to return, but there's no telling if the shirtless stud will come back.

What will the plot be of Claws Season 4?

Desna seemed to be wrapped in misfortune throughout all of Season 3. There were sprinklings of highs when Roller shared his love, and Desna moved on up into a fabulous penthouse apartment, but after watching Virginia take a bullet for her, the season continued to spiral for Desna. The lows left an indelible mark on Season 3, and will most likely be resolved in the final season.

Dean and Desna also had a particularly rocky relationship in Season 3, and although they rekindled their sibling love by the end of the season, Dean's defiant spirit could cause a lasting rift with his sister in any future episodes. Dean was also devastated by Virginia's decision to not get married, so perhaps he will find new love in Season 4.

The nail tech crew saw their biggest money maker go up in flames at the end of Season 3, so repairing the emotional and financial damage of this loss could prove to be a big part of the Season 4 storyline. Roller was turned in for his cousin Clint's murder, by Uncle Daddy's young lover Toby (Evan Daigle), and although Uncle Daddy let Toby go, the Husser family dynamic was ripped to shreds by his repetitive lies. The upcoming season could also focus on Uncle Daddy's possible attempts to redeem himself for the betterment of his relationship with Jennifer's husband Bryce (Kevin Rankin).

For a show with just as much comedy as intense drama, "Claws" could very well end on a high, happy note. Harold Perrineau spoke with TV Insider about his predictions for the end of the series. And while the former "Lost" star wants to see the show end with a win, he's also "not 100 percent positive that it will." Good thing fans don't have to wait long for the fierce final season, and the resolution to this wild ride.