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Ragnarok Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And Plot - What We Know So Far

Marvel isn't the only one in the Thor business. Netflix's Norwegian fantasy series "Ragnarok" features a story based on Norse mythology that also carries a timely environmental message, and it's finally coming back for a second season.

The show, which debuted in January 2020, follows Magne, an unassuming teen who finds out he's actually the second coming of the powerful god Thor, setting into motion a story that finds the young man fighting against the powerful Jutul Industries, which is run by other imposing figures from Norse mythology known as Jötunn. Appearing as beautiful humans, the Jutuls are Norway's fifth-wealthiest family, which makes them a prime representation of the ruling 1%, but they are also the embodiment of corporate malfeasance in a story that involves their factories polluting the beautiful small town of Edda, Norway.

With its roots in mythology and an underlying theme that ties directly into the current climate crisis, "Ragnarok" is an interesting blending of the old and the new. Meanwhile, the breathtaking scenery on display might as well be a tourism ad for Norway. If you can't travel there just yet, though, watching the second season of the show is probably the next best thing. Here's everything we know about it so far.

When will Ragnarok Season 2 be released?

In early March 2020, just a few months after "Ragnarok" made its debut on the streaming service, Netflix's many social accounts revealed that the show had been renewed for a second season. But with COVID-19 shutting down or delaying so many productions around the world, it wasn't immediately clear when we would be able to see the next chapter of Magne's story. Luckily, the producers of the show were able to find a way to film during the pandemic, with production beginning in September 2020, allowing for the show to return sooner than perhaps many expected.

Netflix revealed in mid-April that "Ragnarok" is one of the programs coming to the service in May 2021, with six all-new episodes dropping May 27, just in time for the long Memorial Day weekend in the U.S., which should give you plenty of time to binge the show and reconnect with Magne's story.

Who is in the cast of Ragnarok Season 2?

Along with the premiere date announcement, Netflix also confirmed the full cast for the second season of "Ragnarok" and even released a few first look images as well, which offer up some hints about where several characters are in Season 2. Obviously, David Stakston is returning as Magne, aka Thor, and Jonas Strand Gravli is reprising his role as Magne's younger brother, Laurits. Meanwhile, Henriette Steenstrup, who plays the boys' mother, will also be back for another round.

As for the Jutul family, Theresa Frostad Eggesbø is confirmed to be back as Saxa, the "daughter" of the Jutul family; Herman Tømmeraas will reprise his role as the "son," Fjor; and Synnøve Macody Lund, who portrays Ran, the "mother" of the family and the head teacher at the high school, will also be back. In a curious and potentially telling move, Netflix also lists Gísli Örn Garðarsson, who played Vidar, the fearsome "father" of the Jutuls and the leader of the Jötunn, as returning after the Season 1 finale left his fate up in the air. However, we'll have to wait and see how that turns out and whether he'll be a main fixture of the story moving forward.

Elsewhere, Emma Bones is set to reprise her role as Gry, the love interest of both Magne and Fjor; Danu Sunth is back as Iman, another teen who seems to know more about what's going on than she is letting on; and Odd-Magnus Williamson is back as Erik, a teacher at the high school and the father of Magne's late friend Isolde, who discovered the truth about Jutul Industries polluting the environment. Bjørn Sundquist will also return as Wotan, a mysterious one-eyed man who is heavily implied to be Odin.

Netflix also revealed several new cast members for Season 2, though we don't know much about the characters they'll be playing aside from their names. They are Vebjørn Enger as Jens; Benjamin Helstad as Harry; Billie Barker as Signy; Jesper Malm as Odd Moland; and Espen Sigurdsen as Halvor Lange.

What is the plot of Ragnarok Season 2?

At the end of the first season of "Ragnarok," Magne went head-to-head with Vidar, calling down lightning in an intense effort to defeat him. Although we know Magne survived the lightning strike, the latter man's fate was left up in the air. According to Netflix's recent premiere date announcement, the second season is going to pick up where the first left off, which means we'll likely find out soon enough if Vidar survived and how that will affect Magne's family, the Jutuls, their company, and the city of Edda (and perhaps even beyond).

Meanwhile, as Magne attempts to come to terms with who he is and what he's capable of, the show will also dig into the possibility of other people having supernatural abilities or be various Norse creatures reincarnated. This includes Magne's younger brother, Laurits. There were many hints in Season 1 that he was actually Loki, and the press release for Season 2 seems to only add more fuel to that particular fire, noting that he is "also quite exceptional" and "views the world very differently from Magne."

It will definitely be interesting to see how these two young men continue to play off one another as the show moves forward into a second season that Netflix described as seeing conflicts getting tougher, evil getting more focused, and choices getting more desperate.