The Final Beauty And The Beast Trailer Is Here

Disney\'s posted so many teasers since announcing its live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, it was starting to seem like the trailers themselves were tales as old as time (songs as old as rhyme... you know the rest). But the studio\'s promotional campaign for the upcoming release is rounding the final bend: we now have the last trailer for this Emma Watson-led look at the classic tale, and it looks incredible. Different from the sneak peeks fans had been given over the past few months, this clip offers up a cohesive story premise (one that varies slightly from the source material) as well as some exciting never-before-seen scenes.

Disney\'s final trailer for the film shows the glittering cast (starring Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, Luke Evans, Ian McKellen, and, of course, the lead who will blow everyone away this year, Emma Watson) in an even brighter light with its upbeat song-and-dance sequences. But it digs into the darkness of the tale as well, showing shadowy winter landscapes and moments in which the inner struggle the Beast is trying to hide becomes nearly unbearable. The trailer also features Ariana Grande and John Legend singing the title theme over some beautiful shots of the Beast\'s castle while he and Belle share that iconic waltz.

Though some filmgoers have started to suffer a bit of cynical fatigue regarding the studio\'s slew of live-action remakes, the final official trailer for Beauty and the Beast seems promising enough to make us hope the end result will prove them wrong. The film twirls its way to theaters on March 17, 2017.