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What An Original Donkey Kong Cabinet Was Actually Worth On Pawn Stars

The original Donkey Kong arcade game cabinet is one of the most influential video games in the world. Not only was it the first video game to feature a character jumping over obstacles or gaps, but it launched "Super Mario Bros." and boosted Nintendo into what it is today. When someone calls the guys at "Pawn Stars" to come to look at one for sale, you would think this machine would cost a lot of money.

Corey and Chumlee go check out one of these in Season 12, Episode 27, "No Pawn for You," where a man named Jason asks $2,500 for his, which is in excellent condition. For a piece of history that shaped the video game world into what it is today, one would think this is a steal of a price. Corey calls in an expert to verify the authenticity just to be sure. To everyone's surprise, the value of this classic arcade game is nowhere near the asking price. In fact, it doesn't even sell in the end because of how drastic the difference is.

Check out what an original Donkey Kong cabinet was actually worth on "Pawn Stars."

The price to pay for popularity

Typically, an item with this much historical significance would drive up a price to what Jason asks. Unfortunately for him, there are hundreds of this version in the world. Even after the expert verifies the game's authenticity through its serial number, the value isn't anywhere close to the asking price. Despite it being completely original and in beautiful condition, this video game cabinet will retail for $600-$800.

Jason was devastated by this low number, and it puts Corey in an awkward position because the asking price was way above the actual value. Corey offers him $300 because he has to double his money at least. Even at $400, Jason declines and holds onto it without making a counteroffer.

It goes to show that when you want to bring an item into "Pawn Stars," it's worth your time to do some research before going to the World Famous Silver & Gold Pawn Shop. Even if your item changed the industry's landscape, it still isn't worth much if the item isn't rare.