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Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 11 - What We Know So Far

"Curb Your Enthusiasm," Larry David's long-running semi-scripted comedy show, was renewed for an 11th season back in 2020, shortly after Season 10 ended. The show has been running sporadically on HBO since 1999, with a gap of six years between Seasons 8 and 9. But fans won't have to wait that long for Season 11, which is already in production. 

"Curb Your Enthusiasm" follows a fictionalized version of David as he nitpicks and awkwardly fumbles through Los Angeles. Episodes usually focus on one or more of David's gripes, usually culminating in a social gaffe that brings the episodes' various plot points together. He has taken on DVR, appointment times, the timing of birthday parties, and magic tricks. It's a heightening of George Costanza, the persnickety "Seinfeld" character based on David. The show also stars Jeff Garlin as Larry's manager and best friend, J.B. Smoove as his roommate, and Cheryl Hines as his ex. Here's what we can expect of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" Season 11.

When is Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 11 premiering?

We don't have a fixed date for the premiere of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" Season 11, but we do have some hints. On April 14, 2021, Jeff Garlin went on The Ringer's podcast "10 Questions with Kyle Brandt" and talked up the upcoming season. "I'm filming right now," he said, "We have three more weeks left and we'll have a season that'll probably come out, I'm guessing, in the fall."

Filming on "Curb" is pretty fast and loose. Each scene is outlined, but the dialogue is improvised in each take. "Sometimes the first take really sings because everything is fresh and no one's trying to replicate what they did before. Sometimes it's take six before we even have a clue as to what the hell we're doing," "Curb" director and EP Robert Weide said in a 2000 interview. "By take eight, we'll have it down pretty well, then I'll go in for coverage." That loose shooting style necessitates a lot of time in the editing bay, where the show finally comes together.

Who's in the cast of Curb Season 11?

David, Garlin, Hines, and Smoove have all been confirmed by Variety to be reprising their roles for Season 11. Susie Essman, who plays the wife of Garlin's character and the enemy of David's, will also be returning. Season 10 also prominently featured Ted Danson, and he could very well return. Originally, Richard Lewis was set to take a break from "Curb," following health issues. But after three surgeries, he felt well enough to return for one episode. "Great news for me! Although I'm still recovering from three surgeries and missing Season 11 of Curb, LD called me and asked if there was any chance if I felt strong enough to do one episode!" Lewis tweeted on April 22. "I am and here I'm on the set to shoot it. I'm so grateful." 

"Curb" is also known for its extensive use of cameos. Previous seasons have included guest spots from Ben Stiller, Jon Hamm, "Orange Is the New Black" star Laverne Cox, Broad City's Abbi Jacobson, Jane Krakowski, and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

What is the plot of Curb Season 11?

In his podcast appearance, Garlin said that "Curb Your Enthusiasm" Season 11 would briefly touch on the COVID-19 pandemic. "Except for the first episode, we don't do any COVID stuff," he said, adding that most people probably aren't looking to be reminded of the global pandemic that has changed every aspect of life for the past year and a half. "The first episode, it touches on [COVID], there's a couple of things. But it's a post-COVID world in 'Curb.'" 

Season 10 of "Curb" included plots about sexual harassment allegations, as well as Larry opening up a "spite store." When Larry was unhappy with service at a store called Mocha Joe's, he vowed to open a cheaper coffee store next door. Named Latte Larry's, the store eventually burns down along with Mocha Joe's. Alice — the assistant who accused Larry of sexual harassment — hooks up with Mocha Joe, and the two purchase a house near Larry's out of spite. It seems possible that Alice and Mocha Joe will return in Season 11 — if they're all neighbors.