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The Star-Studded Comedy Hidden Gem You Can Find On Amazon

Veteran "Saturday Night Live" comedians Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen recently teamed up for a comedy-drama on Amazon Prime called "Forever." Created by former "Parks and Recreation" writers Matt Hubbard and Alan Yang (who also has an Emmy win for "Master of None"), the show focuses on a married couple, Oscar (Armisen) and June Hoffman (Rudolph), who live a comfortable, if mundane, life together. June is starting to become increasingly unhappy in the monotonous relationship, and just as she works up the courage to confront it — and her husband — Oscar dies suddenly in a skiing accident. Further, June doesn't even have time to fully move on from her husband's death because, well, she follows suit about a year later, choking to death. After her death, June finds herself facing the same problem in the afterlife that she had in her lifetime: a too-comfortable, too-ordinary life with Oscar, who is completely okay with the mundanity.

The series premiered its eight-episode first season on Amazon in September of 2018. Unfortunately, Amazon canceled the series the following June (via Deadline), but with its intriguing concept and star-studded cast, the first season is definitely still worth a watch.

Forever is a thoughtful and entertaining watch

Despite its early cancelation, "Forever" received a substantial amount of praise and was popular amongst viewers — on Rotten Tomatoes, it holds a 94% Tomatometer and an 80% audience score.

Much of the show's praise goes to its cast, with IndieWire writing that it's "definitely Rudolph and Armisen's show, with the pair given many scenes to simply play around with silly concepts like the skilled comedians and improvisers they are." Even more of the praise goes to Rudolph, whose character becomes somewhat of the unofficial lead between the two. The Observer writes, "It's Maya Rudolph who does the heavy lifting here, and the series is worth watching just to witness the broad range of emotions that pass over her like rainstorms."

With two lead actors known mostly for their comedic chops, the series definitely follows through with the humor expected in a dramedy. To sum the show up, Cincinnati City Beat writes, "With a distinct brand of pitch-black humor, surprising cliffhangers and an eight-part season of 30-minute episodes, Forever is an easy binge." 

And this easy binge is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video now.