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The Nature Doc That Everyone's Binging On Netflix

Sir David Attenborough has lent his soothing voice to countless broadcasts, films, and TV shows. His expansive career in the natural sciences have more than earned him his dozens of accolades and awards — in fact, he has more honorary degrees from U.K. universities than anyone (via Belfast Telegraph). Beginning his broadcasting career at the BBC, Attenborough has gone on to make a name for himself as "the greatest broadcaster of our time," according to The Times

However, even though many around the world hold him in such high regard, Attenborough remained humble in an interview with National Geographic. "Well if I'm a household name, it's only because I've been doing it forever and fairly regularly," he said. "I keep popping up, and that's the only reason." His modest demeanor adds more to love about the kindhearted animal lover, showing that for him, it is really about educating others.

One of the iconic historian's latest roles is on a stunning new nature documentary series that's holding strong to its spot on Netflix's Top 10 list. With the combination of Attenborough's expertise, enrapturing presentation, and the beautiful cinematography, it's no wonder that the nature doc is seemingly on everyone's watch list.

David Attenborough's new show is a study in color

Attenborough's Netflix documentary series "Life in Color with David Attenborough" is a stunning look at the animal kingdom, and how colors impact the natural world. In each episode, Attenborough shows a wide variety of colorful creatures and takes a deep dive at a specific way they use color: whether to stand out to find a mate, hide from a predator, or disguise themselves, so they can catch a meal. The scientific information is paired with beautiful cinematography, showing both extreme close-ups and aerial shots of stunning landscapes. And of course, much of the focus is on color, with dazzling shots of vivid hues.

Fans are loving Attenborough's newest nature doc, using social media to express their awe. Twitter user @blissed__out said they were "Barely two minutes into 'Life in Color with David Attenborough' and I'm already tearing up/completely amazed." Another user named @SirWright gushed, "David Attenborough is one of my favorite people ever. He is a treasure. 'Life In Color' is great so far btw." There are also multiple Reddit threads with fans waxing poetic about Attenborough's latest endeavor.

Nature fans can enjoy the cinematographic masterpiece that is "Life in Color" on Netflix.