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Who Is Tall Rob The Oddities Expert From Pawn Stars?

One of the creepiest items that has come into Pawn Stars recently is the electromechanical clown that can give a yes or no answer to any question you ask it, which appears in the episode that aired on History on Monday, April 19. Rick and Corey are enthralled with the odd find, and oddities expert Tall Rob – who's been brought onto Pawn Stars before to check out movie props, including the original Superman costume – agrees that it's a rare piece.

The clown was supposedly from Coney Island, and while Tall Rob can't confirm that 100%, he can state with confidence that the piece is extremely valuable. In fact, he tells Rick that he could ask around $18,000 for the clown (though that's $2,000 less than the seller was looking to get from Rick). However, Rick says that he wants to try to find out if the clown was actually from Coney Island, so he ends up passing on the offer until he can do further research.

To be considered an "oddities expert," you'd have to know a lot about information about a variety of subjects. So, what exactly does Tall Rob do to know all of this stuff?

Tall Rob's Mysterious Career

Pawn Stars is always bringing on experts, and you're likely to see a few pop up in every episode. However, none of them are as mysterious as Tall Rob.

You'd never guess it, but Tall Rob actually owns a real estate business: Diligent Estate Sales, located in Calabasas, California. It's safe to say that his knowledge of odd and unique pieces didn't come from this, though. Before getting into real estate, Tall Rob worked on Wall Street for over 20 years. Again, this doesn't really seem to be where he'd learn about odd finds — it's just a career choice he lived with. 

The one thing Pawn Stars fans do know is that Tall Rob is a pretty private guy; there's very little information about him available to the public. So, for now, Tall Rob's vast knowledge remains as mysterious as the origins of the clown he came to evaluate in the show's most recent episode.