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The Avengers Reference You Missed In Doom Patrol

Easter eggs and references to classic characters or storylines are commonplace in most comic book movies and shows today. It's a fun way of honoring the source material or giving the audience a cheeky wink about the future of a franchise. For some heroes, their tone and stories lend themselves to a comedic, self-aware nature, creating a compelling story and a commentary on the genre. You might assume that Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool has the market cornered on that one, but DC's Doom Patrol series does it just as well, if not better.

Doom Patrol's second season saw things get even weirder, thanks to the arrival of Dorothy Spinner (Niles Caulder's daughter) and her violent imaginary friends. The adventures of these absurd heroes transcend the typical barriers of time and space. Episodes often take place in various alternate realities, mindscapes, and pocket dimensions inhabited by an array of colorful villains. Season 2 also wasn't afraid to throw in a dream sequence or two, which allowed the show to reference other classic franchises like The Avengers... but these are not the heroes you think you know.

Rita Farr and Victor Stone are The Avengers

In Doom Patrol's second season, Rita Farr/Elasti-Girl tries to get a better grip on her shape-changing abilities. She even suits up to fight crime in the city, stopping a mugger in his tracks while dressed as a beekeeper, of all things. When Cyborg makes fun of Farr's new identity, The Beekeeper, he asks the hero what she's actually planning to do with her newfound love for fighting crime. Cue the dream sequence.

Rita's daydream is a direct riff on the opening credits of the 1961 British espionage series, The Avengers, which mainly follows agents John Steed and Emma Peel on various missions. It even received a big-budget remake in 1998 starring Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman, but the film was torn apart by critics and was a box office bomb.

Cyborg appears in an outfit similar to Steed's bowler hat and suit combo, while Rita jumps around in a white and yellow bodysuit, a colorful interpretation of Peel's iconic look. Instead of naming this imaginary show The Avengers, Rita calls it Beekeeper and The Borg. We'll admit, it's catchy.

The playful moment in the HBO Max series reminds the audience why Doom Patrol is so refreshing. The show allows itself to have fun amongst all of the typically angsty heroes and world-saving shenanigans.