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The Craziest Thing Mr. Frond Has Done On Bob's Burgers

Over its past 10 years on the air, Bob's Burgers has become notorious for its cast of quirky characters — and not just the Belcher family. There's Teddy, Bob's top customer and eager helper (whether Bob asks for it or not); Jimmy Jr., the on-again-off-again object of Tina's affection with a passion for dance; Mr. Fischoeder, the eccentric wealthy landlord; and Gayle, Linda's lonely and attention-starved sister. These are just some of the recurring characters from the show's huge roster, most of whom make the Belchers seem almost normal.

While Tina, Gene, and Louise all have their unique personality traits and penchant for getting into trouble, the kids aren't the only ones who have done some pretty wild things. In fact, many of the adults on Bob's Burgers are just as irresponsible as the Belcher children, if not more so. One of those adults is Mr. Philip Frond, the school guidance counselor, who cares more about coming up with revolutionary new ways to "counsel" the students than he does about the students themselves.

Mr. Frond has pursued a lot of crazy schemes in his attempt to educate the kids of Wagstaff, often going above and beyond the school board's requirements — and its rules. His poor judgment has landed him in hot water with the school's authorities on more than one occasion. However, in one particular episode, Mr. Frond's actions were in the name of saving his own skin rather than teaching Wagstaff students a valuable life lesson, and it could arguably be one of the most insane things the character has ever done.

The time that Mr. Frond totally lost it

In the season 8 episode, "The Silence of the Louise," Wagstaff is holding a readathon, a challenge for the whole school to read a total of 500 books. Though the Wagstaff kids aren't the most scholarly bunch, they're motivated by the promise of a big prize, a trip to the Wetty, Set, Go waterpark. However, things go awry when Mr. Frond's hand-knitted demonstration dolls are found mutilated in his office. Even Louise is stunned by the violence done to the yarn dolls, calling the mystery doll-murderer "cray-cray-cray." Yes, it's a "three crays" worthy crime.

As a result of this fiendish deed, Mr. Frond announces the cancellation of the waterpark trip until the guilty party is found. Devastated by the news, Louise takes it upon herself to get to the bottom of this mystery. She's even desperate enough to enlist the help of her mortal enemy, Millie, in a Silence of the Lambs parody that has Louise going into the mind of her mentally unstable and obsessive classmate. However, it's Millie's brand of evil brilliance that leads Louise to the truth.

It turns out that Mr. Frond himself was guilty of tearing apart his own creations, hoping to frame Louise and bail out on the trip to Wetty, Set, Go. Believing there was no way the students would read 500 books, members of the faculty took the money set aside for the waterpark trip and spent it instead on a coffee maker for the teacher's lounge. Considering how Mr. Frond loves his dolls as if they were his own children, it must have been a stroke of madness to make him that desperate. After all, many of his actions in the past have been self-serving rather than self-sacrificial, which makes this act of wanton destruction possibly the craziest thing he has ever done — so far. Whether or not Mr. Frond will outdo himself in Bob's Burgers' upcoming 12th season is anybody's guess.