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Bob's Burgers Season 12 - What We Know So Far

Good news Bob's Burgers fans, the series has been officially renewed for a 12th (and 13th) season on Fox, according to the show's Twitter. After over ten years of being on-air, there is no stopping the Belcher family. What better way to celebrate a decade on air than by renewing the series for another two seasons. This means more wild adventures from the Belcher kids (Louise, Gene, and Tina), while their parents (Bob and Linda) struggle to keep an eye on both the family business and their children.

Season 11 is still being broadcast, but that does not mean we can't take a look ahead and provide you with everything there is to know about the upcoming season.

From when the new season is going to be released, who will be in it, and what could possibly happen, check out everything we know so far about Bob's Burgers season 12.

When will season 12 of Bob's Burgers be released?

According to The Futon Critic, fans of Bob's Burgers still have seven episodes of season 11 before having to take some time to wait for the new season. Fortunately for them, they probably won't have to wait that long before the new season is released. There isn't an official release date, but fans can make some speculations based on the released date of previous episodes.

Out of the 11 seasons that have already been released, only four weren't released in September. Simultaneously, the production crew has never taken more than a year to release a new season. If that wasn't enough, the seasons usually end in May, with only season 7 taking a few extra weeks to conclude.

By all of this, it is safe to say we can expect to see season 12 of Bob's Burgers sometime in September of this year. To be even more specific, we can expect to see it toward the end of September, as that's when most show seasons are premiered.

Who's going to be in season 12 of Bob's Burgers?

Now that we know when we can expect to see the new season, it's time to take a look at who we might be seeing as well. This one is a little tricky because it's not so much about what characters won't be there, but instead about what new characters will be there.

Since its first episode in 2011, Bob's Burgers has featured the same dysfunctional family for all 210 (and counting) episodes. So, we will likely be seeing the return of Bob (H. Jon Benjamin), Linda (John Roberts), Louise (Kristen Schaal), Gene (Eugene Mirman), and Tina (Dan Mintz). The following most-seen characters are Teddy (Larry Murphy) and Mr. Frond (David Herman), so we probably see them in a few episodes.

As for who else might be included in the new season, it's too tough to tell. After that bunch of main characters, the remainder of the characters is seen significantly less in the series. These supporting characters, including Zeke, Mort, Ollie and Andy, Tammy, and Jimmy Pesto, are seen about a quarter of the series. We will likely see these characters return, but to what extent is unknown.

Then there are new characters, which haven't been announced yet but are bound to happen. The show has a star-studded history of guest appearances, including Jenny Slate, Aziz Ansari, Bill Hader, Jordan Peele, Keegan-Michael Key, Zach Galifianakis, and Ken Jeong lending their voices. It's safe to say anyone can make an appearance in the new season.

What might happen in season 12?

For those of you who have watched Bob's Burgers, you know there is almost no continuity within the show. While there may be callbacks, there is rarely a time when you need to know what happened in the previous episode to enjoy the next one. Instead, the production crew tends to determine the plot based on the time the episode is released. Since this TV show is aired weekly and not on streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu, this works for them.

For example, each season usually features a Halloween or Christmas episode, depending on when the episode airs. With the new season likely approaching in September, we can assume we will see an episode related to one of those holidays, or perhaps a different one such as Easter or Valentine's Day. The point is that the production crew wants to make the episodes run parallel with anything going on in the real world.

Then there are the spaces in between those episodes. It's here we can expect the Belcher family to get into more trouble, whether it's just the kids or the whole family. There's no telling what mishaps the family will get themselves into this season. Will Bob and Linda finally cave and get the kids a pet? Will Bob's feud with Jimmy Pesto finally be settled? Luckily for you, there are only a few months left before you find out.