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Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! Season 2 - What We Know So Far

Sitcoms have come a long way. Most of the comedies made for television these days don't really incorporate laugh tracks, and even network shows have overarching plot lines instead of just single episodes that stand on their own. The Good Place required as much exposition and world-building as The Witcher. Gone are the days when you can just jump into a season 5 episode of Family Matters and have a pretty good idea of what was going on. 

For those who wish to go back to those simpler times, Netflix has your back with its latest sitcom — Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! The show stars Jamie Foxx as Brian Dixon, a father who gets custody of his daughter, Sasha (Kyla-Drew), and the two don't exactly see eye to eye. The series brings together old-school aesthetics with modern sensibilities, such as having an episode where Sasha admits to her father that she doesn't believe in God. 

Shortly after the show's debut, it cracked into Netflix's Top 10. Combined with Jamie Foxx's natural charisma and popularity, and it certainly seems like this series could have some longevity. Netflix hasn't officially renewed it, but here's what we would expect for Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! season 2.

What's the release date for Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! season 2?

Without a confirmation of a second season, as of this writing, there's no way to say for sure when more episodes could conceivably come to fruition. For most Netflix shows, it usually takes a year for another season to come out, so if season 1 does well enough, then Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! could return early in 2022. 

It's important to remember that Netflix hasn't exactly been kind to its multi-camera sitcoms. The likes of Alexa and KatieOne Day at a Time, and Fuller House all met their demises on the streaming platform. It's possible Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! could meet a similar fate, but then again, the sitcom does have Jamie Foxx at the helm as both a star and producer. It remains to be seen how exactly everything will play out, but if you like Foxx, then you definitely want to give this show a watch within its first month, so that Netflix has the most up to date data available. 

Who would be in the cast for Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! season 2?

As long as everything goes according to plan, we would assume much of the same cast would return to their roles for another season. That means Jamie Foxx would come back into the fold not just as Brian Dixon, but as the eclectic collection of characters he appears as throughout season 1: Throughout the season, Foxx goes back to his In Living Color roots by taking on all sorts of wacky characters, including Reverend Sweet Tee, Rusty, and Cadillac Calvin. 

In addition to Kyla-Drew coming back as Sasha, season 2 would also likely see the return of David Alan Grier as Pops, Heather Hemmens as Stacy, Jonathan Kite as Johnny, Porscha Coleman as Chelsea, and Valente Rodriguez as Manny. New characters will probably also come into the mix, and we'd love to see Foxx reunite with some of his old In Living Color co-stars. An appearance from Keenan Ivory Wayans or Tommy Davidson would be a real treat for ninetiex kids.

What could the plot be for Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! season 2?

Season 1 of Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! leaves the main characters in some interesting positions that could make for plenty of comedy and drama with more episodes. The season ended with Brian getting an offer from Maybelline to sell his cosmetics store, but he wants to give it to his daughter, Sasha, to one day run. Toward the end of the season finale, she reveals that she's actually interested in becoming a civil rights attorney. It sets up some more storylines that would give all the members of the Dixon family plenty of room to grow while sharing some humorous, heartfelt moments. 

At the end of the day, Sasha is still just a kid, and her coming of age in the 21st century has plenty of opportunities for funny moments. We've already seen how Brian and Pops react to her dating and wanting more responsibilities. Expect that same dynamic to carry over into season 2 if Netflix decides to go down that route.