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Castlevania Fans Get The Worst And Best News At The Same Time

Video game adaptations tend to get a bad rap. There are plenty of terrible ones out there, and the reason why more of them fail than succeed is largely down to the fact that it's difficult to do justice to characters and fit in all of the games' lore into a movie or TV series. Netflix looked to change the narrative with an original series based on the beloved Castlevania games; the result was an appropriately dark and bloody anime that gamers absolutely adored.

Castlevania has maintained consistently positive critical reviews throughout its first three seasons, and with no new episodes since 2019, fans have been waiting patiently to learn what will happen next in the saga. Fortunately, we now have some more information: Netflix has announced that Castlevania season 4 will be available to stream starting on May 13. We'll finally get some answers about whether Alucard will decide to take his father Dracula's path in life. (Putting Sumi and Taka's bodies on spikes outside his dwelling certainly seems to indicate there's plenty more darkness to come.)

Sadly, with this good news comes a disappointing detail as well.

Castlevania season 4 will be its last, but a spin-off is apparently on the table

Netflix's Twitter account offered a glimpse of Castlevania season 4, but with it came a disheartening message: "This is where it all started. The final season of Castlevania arrives May 13." Yes, after four seasons, the story of Alucard is coming to an end. No real reason was given for why the show is ending, although it's likely that the narrative is coming to a natural end. At least it's not getting canceled without a new season or with cliffhangers left in the air.

Castlevania fans shouldn't be too sad, though, as there's a silver lining to the announcement. Deadline reported on additional details about the future of the series, claiming that Netflix is toying with the idea of creating "a new series set in the same Castlevania universe with an entirely new cast of characters." Of course, depending on which characters live and who die at the end of Castlevania season 4, it's possible some familiar faces could stop by too.

With nearly 40 Castlevania video game titles out there, there's certainly a lot of lore to pull from — if Netflix really is planning to create a spin-off show. Perhaps the rumored project will focus on Richter Belmont, the playable protagonist in 1993's Rondo of Blood, one of the better Castlevania games that have come out over the years. 

All in all, with death comes rebirth. Today may be one of bittersweet news for fans, but at least there's one more season of the mainline Castlevania series to enjoy — and possibly more adventures on the horizon.