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Felicity Will Explore Her Dark Side On Arrow, EP Says

Felicity Smoak is going dark.

Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim teased the character's arc in the upcoming back half of season five while speaking with Entertainment Weekly. Guggeinheim said that Felicity, still dealing with Oliver accidentally killing her boyfriend, Detective Malone, will be "flirting with the dark side."

"The reason I say flirting is Felicity is very much the light of the show; she provides a lot of lightness in what is otherwise a very dark drama," he said. "One thing you don't want to do is you don't want to tell a story where she suddenly starts becoming this dark element. You don't want to tell a story where all the reasons why people love the character are gone. It's this delicate balancing act."

Guggenheim said that Felicity will look to her experiences with the likes of Oliver, Diggle and Laurel to help deal with the temptation to take "moral shortcuts in the name of the greater good," something which he calls "very much in keeping with the central dilemma at the heart of the whole show."

"She's not going to become judge, jury and executioner, she's not going to become a killer, but we found the Felicity version, or the Felicity equivalent, of making a moral compromise in order to accomplish good," he said.

How Felicity's new moral relativism will affect her relationship with Oliver and the rest of the group remains to be seen; however, with Felicity's dark arc, the return of Laurel, Diggle in jail and Oliver dealing with Prometheus, the remainder of this season of Arrow is sure to be jam packed.

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