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Laurel Is Definitely Back In New Arrow Midseason Premiere Trailer

Laurel Lance is back on Arrow, but she may not be the same character viewers know and love.

In the action-packed extended trailer for the show's midseason premiere, "Who Are You?," Oliver deals with the aftermath of a resurrected Laurel unexpectedly showing up in his lair. "I think it's important that we embrace the miracles," he says in the trailer, crediting time travel (e.g. Flashpoint) with her mysterious reappearance.

However, as shown in the previous, extra spoiler-y trailer for the episode, this Laurel is definitely not the Laurel Lance who was killed in season four. This Laurel appears to be a more sinister version of the character, likely from one of the other Earths (and possibly a return of Black Siren, the Earth-Two version of Laurel that Katie Cassidy played on The Flash's second season).

According to the episode's official synopsis, Oliver is looking for "any ray of hope" in Laurel's return amid his continued struggle with Prometheus. Meanwhile, Felicity is looking for revenge after her boyfriend's murder, and Diggle fights for his life in prison.

Arrow returns on Jan. 25 at 8 p.m. on the CW. While we wait, check out what the cast should really look like based on the comics.