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The Surprising Friends Star Who Almost Joined The NCIS Cast

NCIS has remained a staple of network TV since its premiere in 2003. In its 18 years on the air, over 400 episodes of the CBS drama have aired, and a 19th season is most likely on the way.

Over the course of the series' considerable run, its cast has featured a number of stars. Some of the most recognizable faces are stars of its own making, like series lead Mark Harmon. Though his filmography includes a number of credits prior to his stint on NCIS, 18 years on the air has definitely made Leroy Jethro Gibbs his most recognizable role in the eyes of many.

Meanwhile, other names that have popped up on an episode of NCIS include Billy Dee Williams, Zac Efron, Colin Hanks, Jesse Plemons, Jaleel White, and Millie Bobby Brown.

Around the time of NCIS' debut on CBS, Friends was redefining the tried and true sitcom genre. Though Friends' low-stakes situational comedy and NCIS' criminal drama hardly resemble one another, the two popular series almost shared an A-list star.

Jennifer Aniston almost starred in both shows

Jennifer Aniston was once in talks to portray agent Kate Todd prior to the series' premiere. Though she hasn't publicly said so herself, Aniston reportedly had some personal interest in joining the cast of NCIS while its first season was still in production. At that time, Aniston and the rest of the cast were still appearing on Friends. Friends and NCIS would have conflicted with each other's production schedule, so NCIS' creators would have had to delay the show to accommodate Aniston.

The complication of the shooting schedules for Friends and NCIS never became an issue, as the producers cast Sasha Alexander as Kate instead. Kate remained a key member of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service before she was killed late in season 2. Her death then fueled the conflict in season 3's opening, and she remained on the series for a short stint after her death as Kate's ghost. Should Aniston ultimately have booked the role instead, she could have added military-criminal-investigator-turned-ghost to her already impressive resume.