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Whatever Happened To Ben Robinson From Below Deck?

Ben Robinson was a staple on Bravo hit Below Deck for its first four seasons, alongside notorious Chief Stew Kate Chastain. The quick-witted British chef was known for putting out incredible dishes no matter how demanding or ridiculous the primary guests could be. Known for his signature spiky hair and no-nonsense attitude, Ben became a fan favorite, and no other Below Deck chef was able to fill the void after his departure in season 4. Matt Burns, Adrian Marin, Kevin Dobson, and Rachel Hargrove each only lasted one season since Ben's exit, and the galley has never been the same.

He was also called over to sister series Below Deck Mediterranean for season 1 and again in season 4, when Captain Sandy Yawn found herself in a pickle without a chef midseason. Ben joined chief stew Hannah Ferrier in 2019 after replacing Mila Kolomeitseva and Anastasia Surmava and was only onboard for a few charters. Unfortunately for fans of the chef, Ben has not since returned to Below Deck since his stint in the Mediterranean, and it doesn't look like he'll be returning to the seas anytime soon. Ben has found great success back on land, and fans have new ways to keep up with him.

Ben Robison has been busy with his own business and a Food Network partnership

Per Ben's personal website, he runs a successful catering business that takes him around the globe, and he is also available for private bookings. He also gives private instruction classes and can be booked for guest appearances at any event. Ben also has become a Certified Health Consultant through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. According to his website, "Ben has personally made it his responsibility to focus people on a more nutritious diet to lose excess weight that has plagued them for years, to recover from addiction, to get over diabetes, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, even cancer."

Additionally, one of Ben's biggest successes beyond Below Deck is his relationship with Food Network. He has a plethora of recipes to his name on the popular website, including those for shrimp scampi, chicken piccata, and Steak au Poivre — all of which have stellar ratings. Those who subscribe to Food Network Kitchen can watch instructional videos of Ben, and users can learn to make their meals with the funny and charismatic Brit. The chef also occasionally posts instructional videos to his popular Instagram page, which is full of vibrant and colorful posts. For Ben's biggest fans, he is also available on Cameo, with a hefty price tag of $250 per video.