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Whatever Happened To Kate Chastain From Below Deck?

Alongside Captain Lee Rosbach, Kate Chastain was the face of Bravo smash hit Below Deck, the show that followed the life of a crew working on a superyacht in the Caribbean Sea. Kate didn't join the series until season 2, but she was a mainstay until her departure in season 7. Her dry sense of humor and unwillingness to put up with drama made her an instant fan favorite, which didn't always necessarily match her subordinates' opinions of her. Throughout the years, we saw Kate battle with several of her stewardesses, including Raquel "Rocky" Dakota, Caroline Bedol, and Laura Betancourt.

Kate also had some issues with a Below Deck chef a time or two. On the show, we were treated to blowouts between her and Chef Ben Robinson and Chef Leon Walker. We can't leave out the deck crew either, as Kate had a very rough go with Ashton Pienaar in her final season. It was that fight that many believed pushed her to leave the successful reality series. Below Deck continues on without her — there's already been a whole season since she left — which begs the question: What's Kate Chastain been getting into lately?

Kate Chastain stayed in the Bravo family after leaving Below Deck

After stepping away from the show that made her famous, Kate joined the cast of Bravo's Chat Room, a recap show that features the network's stars talking about the different shows on the channel. Along with Porsha Williams (The Real Housewives of Atlanta), Gizelle Bryant (The Real Housewives of Potomac), and Hannah Berner (Summer House), Kate discussed the biggest Bravo moments from the past week — at least, for a minute. She mysteriously dropped out of the series back in February 2021. There was no announcement made to explain her disappearance from the show, but many feel she is still looming in the Bravo universe, with fans theorizing she might be returning to Below Deck in the near future.

She also stayed in the Bravo limelight on Below Deck: Galley Talk, where she and other former stars of the series recapped the newest episodes and caught up on old times. At the time of this publication, season 2 of the series has yet to be renewed, but season 1 is still streamable on Bravo's website. Kate has been relatively hush-hush about what she's been doing for work in recent months, but has been enjoying living in New York, and shares posts regularly with her almost 800,000 followers on Instagram.