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The Fan Theory That Will Change The Way You Watch The Loki Series

Marvel Studios and Disney+ have delivered two smash-hits with WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and as Marvel Cinematic Universe fans will always do when watching a new property, they over-theorized the heck out of both. Loki is to be no exception, and it'll probably be a whole lot worse, considering the nature of the series. The Time Variance Authority is finally being introduced into the MCU, and we'll see a so-called "variant" of the God of Mischief navigate through different timelines, as the TVA has charged him with fixing the timeline he screwed up by taking the Tesseract during the Avengers: Endgame time heist.

The trailers for Loki are already pretty confusing, so we can't imagine how wild it's going to get when the series actually debuts on June 11. Fan theories for the new project are already revving up on social media, with many MCU fans taking to Reddit to discuss what they think will happen. One of these theories has stuck out among the rest and is gaining a lot of steam on the platform, amassing over 1,200 upvotes (as of this writing) on the Fan Theories subreddit. After reading the new idea, you'll be looking at the Loki series in a whole new light.

The theory suggests that Loki will work with himself in different timelines

Theorist u/meatsweet is suggesting that in his upcoming series, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) will travel through different timelines while working with himself or different versions of himself. The theory also suggests that the series will work up to this idea, and it may not be something we see or even quite understand in the first few episodes. 

Another interesting idea in the theory is that Loki is aware all of this is happening, and that he knows from the get-go how everything is going to play out. "It's very possible that from the beginning of his capture, he actually knows how it all goes down and the season is actually a full circle," the theorist believes.

There's some proof in the trailers that suggests this theory holds water. In both trailers, Loki is seen wearing his signature helmet, while also sporting a variation of his famous get-up — this time with a "Vote Loki" pin on the lapel of his blazer. This clearly draws from the comic storyline of the same name, penned in 2016 as a satire of the U.S. Presidential election. Some believe that Loki is actually talking to himself in this scene when he says, "Come on. What did you expect?" The crew around Loki appear to be on his side at first, but then turn their weapons on him. It's almost as if they're baffled at seeing two Lokis and don't know who to trust. Whether or not these two possible versions of Loki — as well as others he encounters along the way — will work together as the theorist believes remains to be seen.

Loki is set to premiere on Disney+ on June 11.