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What You Never Noticed About The Neighborhood In That '70s Show

That '70s Show had a fun way of combining the surreal with the simple. Telling the stories of the sometimes-wacky and sometimes-relatable relationships between a group of six Wisconsin teenagers during the titular decade, it became a big hit for Fox. Thanks to syndication and regular cable replays, That '70s Show has become something of a cult classic among today's kids.

If you're a dedicated superfan to the show's sometimes anachronistic, but always entertaining mix of friendship, highs, lows and true love, you might know a lot about the little asides and in-jokes and cultural references the producers managed to slip in over the years. One such Easter egg took advantage of the fact that the show never reveals one key detail throughout its entire run. If you're curious at all about what That '70s Show was leaving out — and the gag it used in one episode to highlight it — keep reading.

You have no idea what That '70s Show's neighborhood looks like

In the season 6 episode Christmas, the usual sort of wintery hijinks take place. Hyde (Danny Masterson), Kelso (Ashton Kutcher), Eric (Topher Grace) and Fez (Wilmer Valderrama) attend Jackie's holiday school dance, sparking jealousy in Donna (Laura Prepon), who has to work her job at the radio station and worries about what Eric's getting up to. Meanwhile, Kitty (Debra Jo Rupp) talks Red (Kurtwood Smith) into playing Santa Claus at the local mall, resulting in a feud with Bob (Don Stark); and Brooke (Shannon Elizabeth) and Kelso's romance continues apace.

For just a few moments in the episode's closing montage, according to Screen Rant, we see a wintery exterior shot of a cozy suburban neighborhood, blanketed with lights and snow. The eagle-eyed will note that this is an exterior shot of Peltzer's neighborhood from the 1984 sci-fi Christmas horror comedy Gremlins. Within the scope of Gremlins, the shot takes place after Mr. Wing recovers Gizmo from the family. But because That '70s Show never shows viewers what the neighborhood actually looks like, the program might've snuck the use of this shot past many of those watching.