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Fans On Reddit Have A Theory About Cap's Shield In The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

If there's one thing for certain, it's that MCU fans love to theorize. With 23 films and one complete series released, and over a dozen more in the works, who's to blame them?

The latest MCU installment, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, is no exception. While the series is a bit more grounded than the first Disney+ MCU series, WandaVision, fans have still taken to the internet to share their ideas and theories about what will happen next.

There's one key mystery at the heart of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, though: when the series ends, who will have Captain America's shield?  

After we saw Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) give up the shield in episode 1, only for the U.S. government to hand it over to the erratic and trigger-happy John Walker (Wyatt Russell), it's unclear where the famous piece of vibranium will land. 

Many fans support the popular theory that Sam will claim the shield by the end of the series. However, some on Reddit believe that once again, he will decline to keep the shield. But who will he give it to?

Righting a past wrong

Reddit user BarryLicious2588 theorizes that Sam will hand over the shield to Isaiah Bradley (Carl Lumbly), who we learn in episode 2 was administered the Super Soldier serum around the same time as Steve Rogers. However, instead of being made into a hero, he was imprisoned and forced to be an unwilling test subject as the government tried to create the Super Soldier serum.  Isaiah was just as strong, worthy, and noble as Steve Rogers, yet because he was Black, the government did not want him to be the new face of Captain America.

Sam giving Isaiah the shield makes sense. As we saw in the final scene of Avengers: Endgame, and throughout all of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier so far, Sam doesn't feel he's worthy to take up the Captain America mantle. He was outraged upon discovering there was a Black Super Soldier who was hidden and abused by the U.S. government, and it fits with his character that he would want to honor this man by bestowing him the shield. Many fans also believe Isaiah's grandson, Eli (Elijah Richardson), will become The Patriot, an integral member of the Young Avengers, who also wields Cap's original shield in the comics. 

Forging a new path

However, this Reddit theory doesn't suggest that Sam will end the series completely shield-less.

We've seen that the Wakandans are furious that Zemo (Daniel Bruhl) has been released from prison and want to bring him back to their country to hold him responsible for his murder of King T'Chaka. According to this theory, Sam will work with Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) to return Zemo to Wakanda, and in return, Shuri will make Sam his own vibranium shield as a symbol of gratitude.

Episode 4 saw the shield used as a murder weapon and covered in blood, demonstrating that it has become a very different symbol than when it was carried by Steve. We can't imagine Sam would feel comfortable with the shield either after witnessing such a horrifying display.  

When Sam first held the shield, he said it felt like it belonged to someone else, and we recently heard Zemo say that there has never been another Steve Rogers. It makes sense for Sam to continue his dear friend's legacy, only in his own new way rather than trying to fill Steve's shoes. With just two episodes of The Falcon and the Winter Solider left, we are eager to see what becomes of the shield.