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The $15 Yard Sale Comic Book That Was Worth $50k On Pawn Stars

Pawn Stars has seen its fair share of pricey comic books, which are some of the most lucrative collector's items to exist. In the most recent episode of the History series, which aired on April 12, a customer was hoping to score $60,000 USD in exchange for a Werewolf by Night comic that she found at a yard sale, of all places. 

The customer paid just $15 for a box that contained the comic in question, meaning that if she had bought the issue itself, it may have been even cheaper. Despite the less-than-optimal conditions it was bought in, the comic was surprisingly in a good enough state to warrant a 9.8 rating from the Certified Guaranty Company – one of the highest ratings a comic book can get

The Werewolf by Night comic was appraised on the show at around $50,000, a bit under what the customer was looking for. However, the Pawn Stars comic expert did mention that it could hit a $60,000 price tag in the future. Corey didn't take the sale because he was worried about the risk involved, but the customer walked out with plans to sell elsewhere.

What is Werewolf by Night?

As the show mentioned, Werewolf by Night was part of Marvel Comics' attempt at horror because of demand for horror characters in the 1950s. Werewolf by Night is also the moniker of two different characters: Jack Russell and Jake Gomez, both of whom are, unsurprisingly, werewolves. The comic run didn't last long, releasing 43 issues from September 1972 to March 1977, but one important character also has his origins in the series: Moon Knight. Specifically, Moon Knight appeared in issue 32, which is what the customer on Pawn Stars brought in. It was a pretty rare issue to find, nevertheless with a CGC rating of 9.8. 

For those not in the know, Moon Knight is actually getting his own show on Disney+ as Marvel continues to create more original streaming series, making this Pawn Stars customer's timing absolutely impeccable. 

As the expert on the show said, this specific issue has blown up in popularity, and this was the best time to sell this comic. Only time will tell popular Moon Knight becomes –perhaps he could be the next Thor when it comes to comic book prices.