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The Hidden Gem Time-Travel Series You Can Binge On Hulu

Time-travel is one of those TV genres where you might think, "If you've seen one show, you've seen all of them." Characters go back in time, unsuccessfully try not to change the past, and paradoxes ensue. There are, thankfully, several series — some that outshine the competition, while others are forgotten just as quickly as they premiered. A few unlucky cases share both fates. Fortunately, all you need to watch these time-lost shows is a streaming subscription.

Because of the way TV and film rights work, no catch-all service stores all time-travel properties under one easy-to-browse roof. If you want to watch a romance about a World War II nurse who suddenly finds herself in 18th century Scotland, Netflix has Outlander. If you're in the mood for a show about a gamer who is recruited to fight in the future because of his mad skills, watch Future Man on Hulu. But, if you would rather watch a hidden gem about the unsung heroes (and victims) of important historical events, you might be interested in another series available on Hulu.

Timeless suffered a very turbulent ride

Even if you have never heard of Timeless, the premise will still feel comfortable and familiar. A man steals a time machine with the intent of altering important events in American history. Three characters chase after him in their own time machine, but whenever they return to the present, they find the world has altered significantly. To make matters worse, as the show progresses, these characters discover that the thief is not a solo agent, but a member of a larger conspiracy.

While that premise sounds similar to, well, virtually every time travel show ever, Timeless set itself apart by primarily focusing on the contributions of women and minorities who helped forge history. The show doesn't forget about legends such as Ernest Hemingway and Ian Fleming, but it also pays tribute to people like the mathematician Katherine Johnson and architect Sophia Hayden.

Despite a very positive critical reception, Timeless was canceled after its first season (via Deadline), thoughit was quickly renewed. Then, history repeated itself as the show was canceled again after its second season, even after receiving better reviews compared to the first (again via Deadline). This time, Timeless wasn't saved by a last-minute revival. The show wrapped up via a two-part movie finale, and thankfully, the series is available in its entirety on Hulu.