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Will There Be A Fantasy Island 2?

Made under the banner of Get Out and Happy Death Day producer Blumhouse Productions, Fantasy Island was released in early 2020 as a horror reboot/reimagining of the campy '70s series of the same name. In place of Ricardo Montalban, Michael Pena stars instead as Mr. Roark, the mysterious owner of the island that grants his guests their greatest fantasies — for a price.

But where the show's Fantasy Island created romance and revelation for the guests, here the wishes become living nightmares that ultimately trap them on the island. Carnage ensues as fantasies become different than expected and the guests slowly discover their connections to Roark's past.

The horror film received extremely harsh reviews, including our own. Critic Peter Sobczynski claimed that the film "contains less raw terror in its entirety than Sonic The Hedgehog during any five minutes of its running time." but Fantasy Island still ended up grossing $48 million on a paltry $7 million budget (per Box Office Mojo).

Blumhouse is famously into making high profits on quick, low-cost movies, which raises the question: Will there be a Fantasy Island 2?

Fantasy Island set up a sequel but none seem to be forthcoming

While the studio has made no official announcement of a Fantasy Island sequel, the film's ending does set up the potential for future installments. That includes Roark finally allowing his remaining guests to leave, as he does in the show, and one of the characters becoming his companion, "Tattoo," imitating the dynamic of the series. The last line of the film also happens to be Roark's traditional introduction to his guests on the show: "Welcome to Fantasy Island!"

The strong box office performance and the name recognition suggest there could be another Fantasy Island horror sequel, with Roark and now Tattoo acting as recurring villains. Fox's recent announcement of a straightforward TV revival of Fantasy Island may complicate things, however, as Blumhouse might back off in light of the news and push forward with other projects instead (per Fox).

Ultimately Fantasy Island 2 is up in the air, but audiences will definitely be getting a new version of the show regardless.