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The Weird Sleeping Habit Lois Lane Has In Smallville

Lois Lane and Clark Kent are one of the most famous fictional couples of all time, but it took hundreds of episodes on Smallville before they cemented their unbreakable relationship. In that time, they both dated different people; Clark dated Lana Lang, and Lois had a relationship with Oliver Queen. Clark might've been a humble and awkward character at times, but he had plenty of romantic entanglements during his evolution into becoming Superman. Let's not forget that there was a long time when it seemed like Clark and Chloe Sullivan were eventually going to be a thing. Thankfully, their dynamic headed in a different direction.

Audiences eventually got to see Lois and Clark confront their feelings for one another as their lives started to get even more complicated. In the season 6 episode "Crossfire", the dynamic duo wound up landing jobs hosting Good Morning Metropolis, with their first show revolving around them both going on blind dates. Surely neither of them got jealous, right? Ha, think again. When Clark's date Catherine turned out to be a courageous volunteer for the Peace Corps — as well as PhD student — it's safe to say that Lois got a little spiteful.

In preparation for her own blind date, Lois approached her ex-flame Oliver Queen (Green Arrow himself) to ask if she had any annoying traits that she should keep an eye on to make a good impression. His answer was a surprising one, to say the least.

Lois Lane: football aficionado

When Oliver answered Lois' question, the Emerald Archer was quick to praise Lois for being endearing (because he still harbored feelings for her). However, he did offer up one scandalous morsel about her sleeping habits. It wasn't that Lois snored, or that she kicked in her sleep. Surprisingly, Oliver revealed that Lois had a bizarre habit of listing the names of popular football players while she was catching Z's.

It might not be a grand superpower like super-strength or arctic breath, but Lois would definitely be useful in a pop quiz. The intrepid reporter's extensive sleepy knowledge of football players doesn't really crop up again in the series, but it'd be interesting to know what Clark thinks about it. It's surprising Lois doesn't list off the names of the entire Justice League, since she's constantly surrounded by various Caped Crusaders.