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What Are The Songs In The Apple iPhone 12 'Fumble And Cook' Commercial?

The latest commercial for the Apple iPhone 12 demonstrates the durability of the new iPhone, but not without featuring two catchy songs. The ad, which seems like two commercials tied together, shows two different individuals trying to navigate their way through life — one is fumbling her iPhone and the other is getting it completely messy while cooking. Even if you aren't the type of person to constantly drop their phone or cook without cleaning up, you can likely relate to this commercial for its truthful nature.

On top of that, the clip proves that the new iPhone is more durable than ever and can handle any situation life throws at it. It also suggests that the people over at Apple really know how to choose the music for their commercials. Both fit perfectly and will get the viewer moving in their seat, wondering what song they're hearing.  

So what are the songs in the Apple iPhone 12 "Fumble and Cook" commercial?

The fumbler and the messy cook

The first part of the commercial features a woman talking on the phone before dropping it. As soon as she starts to try and catch the phone, fumbling it the whole time, "The Conference" by Nitin Sawhney starts to play. This song is perfect for the extended fumbling of the phone, as it's full of quick percussion and "tiky-taky"-sounding vocals. The tune even slows down and speeds up as the woman comes further and closer to grabbing her phone. Then, as the phone falls towards the ground in slow motion, Sawhney starts singing at an even more rapid pace, almost sounding like an auctioneer. The phone hits the floor, and everything is okay. The woman then continues her conversation.

The second half has a much more modern sound to it. A man begins to tie a bandana around his head while "Sauce" by Naika starts to play. While the song is playing, you can see him go on an extreme cooking binge in the kitchen, getting everything near him messy, including his phone. The suave feel of the song combined with the clumsiness of the cook makes for an excellent contradiction. Even as the man drops his phone in the sink full of dishes, he's not worried about the condition of his device.

Both parts of this commercial prove the new iPhone 12 is more durable than ever. At the same time, the ad also proves that Apple still knows how to make an exciting commercial with catchy music.