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The Internet Is Losing It Over This New Seinfeld Discovery

Seinfeld premiered over 30 years ago, and not only has the Emmy-winning series proven its staying power in syndication, but it's also shown that — even after the show ended its stellar run in 1998 — it's constantly igniting new fan theories.

Usually, popular dramas like Lost, Westworld, Game Of Thrones, and Breaking Bad are the ones garnering deep fan theories that posit what the writers were secretly trying to tell the audience. But sitcoms have also proven their place in the world of conspiracy theories

Seinfeld is full of fan theories that range from Kramer being a drug dealer, to George Costanza (Jason Alexander) having a brother who died tragically, to Newman (Wayne Knight) being a serial killer. And now there's a new discovery within the show — one that addresses the impossibility of Jerry's apartment.

Jerry Seinfeld's hallway breaks the laws of physics

On Reddit, a user called PixelMagic titled a post in the Seinfeld subreddit: "Jerry's Hallway Can't Exist." In the post, the user uploaded a full digital layout of Jerry's apartment with four bright green lines illustrating the impossibility of a hallway existing outside of Jerry's space due to the diagonal architecture.

The issue is this: when we see Jerry's hallway in the show, it is straight. If the hallway was actually laid out the way it is portrayed from inside the apartment, however, it would cut directly through Jerry's kitchen.

One Twitter user, @bightchee, attempted to offer an explanation. "The corridor would turn straight right from where they stopped drawing it. And the kitchen cabinets would not protrude into the corridor," they wrote. But @fadeawaydamaris argued that, in a scene where Jerry chases Newman, "Jerry doesn't look to his left when he starts chasing Newman, so the hallway can't bend to the left."

Even popular Seinfeld parody account, Seinfeld Current Day, tried to clear up the controversy, writing, "'Jerry's hallway can't exist' makes sense until you realize that [Jerry's] doorway is a portal to a multidimensional plane where the physics of the real world do not apply."

No matter what the truth is, we can all agree that we would gladly take Jerry's spacious New York apartment, even if the hallway cuts right through it.