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Restaurants On The Edge Season 3 - What We Know So Far

Starting a restaurant is one of the riskiest ventures a person can pursue. There's a lot of competition out there — plenty of people have had the same idea, to sell delicious food to the masses — and even if the food is good, other features beyond one's control can end up having a detrimental impact. As such, perhaps it comes as no surprise that multiple TV shows have manifested that are designed to help struggling restaurants get back on the right track. Kitchen Nightmares, for instance, has chef extraordinaire Gordon Ramsay offering some tough love to restaurant owners that have allowed things to get nasty at their places of work. 

Netflix has tried to jump on this trend with its own series — Restaurants on the Edge — that has people who aren't quite so aggressive helping out floundering businesses. 

Over the course of two seasons, the crew has traveled to various parts of the world, from Hong Kong to Costa Rica, to assist restaurants that need a little help with their menus, decor, or both. Watching these experts share their knowledge made the show a hit, as it aired its first season in February of 2020 with season 2 debuting a few months later in May. There hasn't been word yet of whether season 3 is in the cards, but here's what we'd expect if future installments do end up happening.

What's the release date for Restaurants on the Edge season 3?

When Restaurants on the Edge first came out at the beginning of 2020, it was likely popular for more than merely showcasing delicious-looking food. With the world going on lockdown in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it allowed people to see sides of the world they maybe wouldn't have an opportunity to see otherwise, at the time. The hosts traveled to numerous countries, offering a nice reprieve since most people couldn't even really leave their houses. 

With that in mind, it makes sense as to why Netflix hasn't renewed the show at this juncture. It's possible the hosts haven't been able to travel for the past year, so perhaps they're still waiting until more restrictions have been lifted, so that they can go to new locales they haven't visited before. If that's the case, then it may be a while until new episodes air. We'd expect that to be the winter of 2021 at the earliest, but honestly, it wouldn't be surprising if season 3 didn't materialize until 2022. 

What locations can we expect for Restaurants on the Edge season 3?

Without an official Restaurants on the Edge season 3 confirmation, there's no word about where the team may head next season. The first two seasons have done a good job of really taking a global approach and highlighting places both famous and obscure alike. The first season follows them as they enjoy colorful cuisine in Malta one episode, and then travel deep into the Austrian Alps the next. 

One thing that's been noticeable, in the episodes we have so far, is that the team doesn't seem interested in going to the same locale more than once. While they've been to two places in the United States — Hawaii and Arizona — those restaurants were different enough to really feel like their own things. We'd expect new countries to come into the mix, and a voyage to Australia or New Zealand would really be a treat for people living in other parts of the world. Perhaps they'd want to round out their foray into American cuisine by going somewhere in the Southern or New England regions. 

What food could be highlighted on Restaurants on the Edge season 3?

One thing fans of Restaurants on the Edge can expect in any future episodes is that delicious food will always play a role, and you may just find something you've never heard of before, but need to try immediately. 

A truth that becomes abundantly clear, after watching a few episodes, is that the hosts really make an effort for these businesses to emphasize whatever dishes are popular within their given region. This is most evident in the episode, "Austria," where the hosts visit a restaurant in the Alps with food from all over the globe, and they believe they can turn it around by having the establishment focus specifically on dishes that are popular in Austria. Therefore, the specific food we would expect to see on season 3 is dependent on the countries they end up visiting. 

Restaurants on the Edge doesn't focus on places in the center of big cities. These are eateries on the edge of society, off the beaten path where people who really want a good meal have to travel to in order to enjoy. As such, they're found in some of the most scenic, beautiful places on Earth, and we would expect Netflix to renew it for more adventures here, very soon.