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The Supervisor Trailer Park Boys Fans Can't Help But Love

Trailer Park Boys has featured a revolving group of unfortunate souls who occupy a supervisory role at Sunnyvale Trailer Park. The turnover is understandable, because there's only so much of Ricky (Robb Wells) and Julian (John Paul Tremblay) that one human being can take. Many supervisors have come and gone, and few of them could be described as competent at their jobs. Mr. Lahey (John Dunsmore) could never get rid of Ricky and Julian, not even after decades of trying. Private Dancer was the head of security brought in for season 9, but he proved to be even more unhinged than the boys. Even Ricky was briefly the supervisor, with predictable results.

Most of the supervisors and assistant supervisors either got in the way or didn't do much of anything. But there was one supervisor who towered above all the rest. He only appeared in one episode, but some fans wanted more. Calling him the "supervisor" isn't really accurate, either. He's more like the supervisor to supervise all supervisors.

He ain't shook, 'cause he's got the right hook

It's Bernie Sanford, the head of the International Association of Trailer Parks, Trailer Park Supervisors, and Assistant Trailer Park Supervisors. (Or IATPTPSATPS for "short"). He only appeared in one episode, and he really only had one big scene. But what a scene it was.

For context, Bernie came to the park when Jim Lahey was nominated for the Trailer Park Supervisor of the Year Award, which was complicated by the fact that Jim was no longer the Sunnyvale supervisor — Ricky was. When Bernie realizes the situation and refuses to acknowledge Ricky's title, that prompts Ricky to urinate all over Bernie's car. Then Bernie takes Ricky aside and sest him straight. As president of the IATPTPSATPS, he's taken a lot of abuse, and Ricky doesn't impress him.

He doesn't have any candy for Ricky, just that right hook — but he doesn't even have to use it. Bernie did what no other trailer park supervisor could: get Ricky to knock off the shenanigans. For a few minutes, anyway.