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Why This Character Was The Most Terrifying Criminal From Bones

Almost every season of Bones has a recurring villain, someone whose crimes the Jeffersonian is forced to investigate. The criminal typically somehow eluded capture, or things became personal, or they murdered a squintern. These bad guys were often serial killers, racking up significant body counts before they could be brought to justice by the FBI. Sometimes they were in the FBI, which made bringing them down tricky.

We had Howard Epps, the show's first serial killer, whom Booth ultimately let fall to his death. Booth's guilt over that eventually forced him into therapy with Gordon Gordon Wyatt. Then there was Gormogon, an anti-masonic cannibalistic dyad. Like the Sith, Gormogon always had an apprentice, and eventually, Dr. Zack Addy was looped into his people-eating ways. There was the Gravedigger, who buried Bones and Hodgins alive. And the guy who killed the Gravedigger. But one recurring foe takes the cake: Christopher Pelant. Pelant not only murdered people, but he was also very leet haxors. He even managed to delay the wedding of the century between Booth and Bones.

Bones fans are still terrified of Christopher Pelant

Christopher Pelant enters Bones during the season 7 episode "The Crack in the Code." Pelant murders a woman and desecrates the remains in a way that is coded. Pelant appears to have an alibi, as he is wearing an ankle monitor and can't leave his house. But you can't use a machine to contain a "hacktivist," and the terrifying Pelant is able to come and go as he pleases. Pelant hates the government, and the FBI in particular, which is partially why he targets Booth's team.

During his time on the show, Pelant forces Hodgins to give up his fortune, manipulates a woman into carrying out murders, and frames Bones for murder. This compels Temperance to go on the lam with baby Christine between seasons 7 and 8, forcing a wedge between Booth and Bones. He also etched a QR code into bone in order to implant a worm in the Jeffersonian's computer system.

Perhaps the most personally cruel thing Pelant does to the Jeffersonian team is holding the marriage of Booth and Brennan hostage. When Bones proposes to Booth, Pelant forces him to refuse. If Booth marries Brennan or even explains why he can't marry her, Pelant will kill five people. This hangs over Booth until the team is finally able to find and neutralize Pelant. Talk about brutal.