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Why This Cyrus Line Cracks Up Trailer Park Boys Fans

Trailer Park Boys is one of television's longest-running current sitcoms, premiering way back in 2001. (And it was actually based on a short film from 1995). In that time, the Canadian institution has featured numerous memorable characters — especially the villains. There have been many, many unfortunate Nova Scotians who have come into conflict with Ricky (Robb Wells), Julian (John Paul Tremblay), and Bubbles (Mike Smith) over the years, which admittedly isn't very hard to do. 

One of the first and best villains was Cyrus, the leather jacket-wearing, red Corvette-driving, drug-dealing lowlife who's always ready to whip out his gun and intimidate someone. But Cyrus' big problem is that he's much less intimidating than he thinks he is. Cyrus is one of the few people whom the boys regularly outwit — and that actually is pretty hard to do.

Cyrus is always ready with a one-liner that sounded way more badass in his head, so he's said a lot of memorably stupid things over the years. But this particular quote might as well be his catchphrase.

When Cyrus talks on Trailer Park Boys, the safety's always off

Whenever Cyrus gets into a verbal altercation with the boys, (which, again, is always), everyone trades insults, but Cyrus always gets the last word. Or, he thinks he does. When Cyrus decides he's had enough, he's known to say, "F*** off, I got work to do." And Trailer Park Boys fans love it, as evidenced by many Reddit threads and comments.

For starters, Cyrus most likely doesn't have any actual work to do. His only apparent source of income is running small-time drug smuggling operations that usually result in jail time. But the line is even dumber when you think about it for more than half a second. "F*** off!" is something we say to someone who has annoyed us, and we say it when we want them to get out of our faces. But Cyrus is the one leaving. So, every time he tells them to "F*** off," he follows it up by immediately f***ing off himself. 

We've got to hand it to him. It's extremely difficult to make the boys look like geniuses. But somehow Cyrus pulls it off.