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What Is The Song In The Dacia: The Electric Revolution Commercial?

The new Dacia commercial will make viewers feeling some type of way after watching it. The commercial takes the viewer around town, showing people waiting for exclusive merchandise and services. This includes limited-edition sneakers, access to ultra VIP entrances, and gold headphones. All of this is being watched by a handful of people inside the new Dacia electric vehicle.

What makes this commercial so enthralling are the emotions that surface and are enhanced by the music that is playing. As the people in the car continue to witness this superficial society that we live in, a woman can be heard singing, "all around me are familiar faces, worn out places, worn out faces."

The song continues, and the viewer realizes that maybe we live in a society where not everything is accessible to everyone in public. So who is singing this eerie song in the new Dacia: The Electric Revolution commercial?

A cover of Mad World that fits perfectly

Some of you may already know what song we're talking about since it's been featured in multiple movies and TV shows. The song in the Dacia commercial is "Mad World," by Noëm, a cover of the Tears for Fears classic. This version progresses into a more upbeat sound as the commercial continues. Toward the end of the ad, you can start to hear an orchestra's elements — something not featured in the original version.

Some fans may also recognize this cover from the Michael Andrews and Gary Jules version, which was featured in the 2001 cult classic Donnie Darko. The same cover was later featured in the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode "Room Service."

The latest cover was seemingly used to explain that some things should be accessible to everyone, including Dacia's electric cars. This song is a perfect fit for the ad, although it may not seem apparent at first. By the end of the commercial, you may realize the mad world being sung about is the one we live in, one where everyone has to have the next best thing before it sells out.