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The Forgotten Found-Footage Horror Flick You Can Watch On Amazon

Found-footage films have found themselves a spot at the big kids' table when it comes to successful horror movie sub-genres. Ever since The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity became huge successes, people have realized that low-budget films can be successful with the right cast, storyline, and setting. Ever since, found-footage films such as Creep and V/H/S have been popping up on streaming channels, and entertaining viewers ever since.

In the horror movie world, stellar reviews are hard to come by, and it seems as if the bigger the movie, the more skeptical the reviewers. Since found-footage videos rarely have glitz and glamour to overshadow the narrative, they often get the love they deserve. When it comes to a certain movie available on Amazon right now, it's received decent reviews for its rawness, for its one-man band, and for the terrifying storyline that doesn't get overplayed. It's often underrated because it's low budget. So, which movie is it?

Bad Ben is a low-budget film in the same vein as Paranormal Activity

Fast-forward to 2016, and Bad Ben enters the room. Some movies have been produced with only thousands of dollars thrown at them, but when it comes to this movie, the cost was a mere $300. Actor, director, producer, and writer Nigel Bach is the man behind the camera, in front of the camera, and with the notepad and paper. He stars as Tom Riley, a man who thought he was getting a good deal out of a new house at a sheriff's sale. His plan was to flip the house and make a profit, but soon enough, strange happenings start to occur.

At first, Riley thinks people are breaking into his home, but after he sets up several cameras throughout his home, he realizes that he's up against something supernatural. Because Bad Ben went to Amazon Video Direct, it might come off as a terrible low-budget film that's a waste of time, but once viewers start watching Riley's life unfold, they'll wish they found this movie sooner.