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Exclusive Clip: Watch The Cold Open Of Deadliest Catch: Bloodline Season 2

Grab your life preserver and extra fishing rod, gather up all the moxie you've got, and abandon any lingering oceanic fears — Deadliest Catch: Bloodline is gearing up to return for its second season, set to hit Discovery+ on Tuesday, April 20.

In advance of the season 2 premiere, Looper can share an exclusive clip from the episode — and not just any ol' scene: the cold open. 

The clip brings viewers back into the captivating world of Deadliest Catch: Bloodline, the previous season of which saw F/V Cornelia Marie co-captain Josh Harris discovering maps that his father, the late Captain Phil Harris, had left behind before his death. Season 1 took Josh and his fellow co-captain Casey McManus to the Hawaiian Kona Coast, where they met up with ex-Time Bandit co-captain Johnathan Hillstrand to unravel the truth about Captain Phil's time in Hawaii, and use his fishing charts as a guide for their newest expedition. 

This season, Josh and Casey run into trouble in their business endeavors: The COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult to not only catch fish, but to sell fish as well. While aiming to find a way to keep their warm water business afloat, Josh and Casey — alongside Johnathan and commercial fisherman Jeff Silva — sail the F/V Cornelia Marie back to Hawaii. The crew also set their sights on Las Vegas, the seafood market to end all seafood markets, and continue to solve the mysteries of Captain Phil's past.

Catch up on Deadliest Catch: Bloodline

Those itching to get their Deadliest Catch: Bloodline fix before the new season premieres on April 20 can stream all six episodes of season 1 on Discovery+ right now. Follow along as Josh and Casey travel to Hawaii to learn what Captain Phil was doing in the state back in the 1980s, swim in shark-infested waters along the Kona Coast, go on a tuna-fishing excursion on orders from a local Hawaiian restaurant, meet with Johnathan Hillstrand to gain insight into Captain Phil's fishing missions, go night-fishing, learn new fishing techniques, and so much more. 

Deadliest Catch: Bloodline season 2 premieres on Discovery+ on Tuesday, April 20.