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What Makes The Food On The Big Bang Theory So Unique

On The Big Bang Theory, food is as common as obscure physics references and relationship drama. The sitcom's main gang of nerds — Sheldon (Jim Parsons), Leonard (Johnny Galecki), Raj (Kunal Nayyar), and Howard (Simon Helberg) — even have their own designated nights for eating certain types of meals. On Mondays, they order Thai grub. Tuesdays, meanwhile, are all about munching down burgers from the Cheesecake Factory. Their food rituals often incorporate entertainment into the mix as well, including watching Doctor Who and playing Halo. The group has a very specific schedule for eating and activities, but it works for them.

What some fans might not know, however, is just how much behind-the-scenes preparation went into the food presentation during The Big Bang Theory's 12 seasons. Although the gang's culinary choices might look like window dressing for dialogue and physical comedy, plenty of love went into each meal. The secret behind all the meal prep for the show might surprise you.

One person made all the meals in The Big Bang Theory

The food from The Big Bang Theory wasn't supplied by any outside restaurants or catering companies. Each meal was handled in-house, and that was the case from the pilot until the final episode.

In an interview with Variety, prop expert Scott London dished some details on the food-making process on The Big Bang Theory. The article revealed that London had ambitions of becoming a chef before he landed a job on the hit CBS comedy. While he ended up with an even better career in the end, he still got to live out his cooking dream during his tenure on the beloved comedy.

However, London didn't start out as a five-star chef, which led to a couple of mishaps. "Johnny [Galecki] used to eat homemade ramen that I prepared with vegetable bouillon and Sriracha," London said, referring to the Chinese food cartons that Galecki used in The Big Bang Theory. "Early on, I didn't have my Sriracha-soy sauce ratio down yet. When Johnny took a big drink of it, he started coughing on set during the scene." London must have improved over time, or they wouldn't have allowed him to continue cooking.