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This Is Who Judges Think The Orca Is On Masked Singer

Ever since debuting in 2019, The Masked Singer has been picking up more and more momentum — and more fans along the way. For five seasons now, celebrities of every type have been making their way on stage in ridiculously awesome costumed identities, as they try to stump the judges. Along the way, they leave a variety of breadcrumbs for said judges, and the audience, in the form of hints about their background and how they came to be famous. Guessing who each singer is, for viewers, is a huge part of the fun.

Every week, one of the celebrities will be unmasked — and booted off the show — to get to the bottom of who the best of the best is. Since season 1, the show has seen Emmy winners, Super Bowl winners, and even Broadway performers, but when it comes to season 5, the remaining celebrities have been causing quite a stir and confusion. While they are all great in their own way, one of the biggest mysteries is the wildcard that was thrown into the bunch: the Orca.

While there are lots of theories regarding the Orca's identity, so far, these are the best guesses that the judges have on who it could be.

The judges have very different opinions about the Orca's identity

Don't expect any unified answers here. When it comes to the Orca, as explained in the recap by Good Housekeeping, the guesses from the judges are truly all over the place. 

For instance, Nicole Scherzinger – lead singer of The Pussy Cat Dolls – thinks that the Orca's true identity is the Foo Fighters founder and former Nirvana drummer, Dave Grohl. It's obvious that the Orca is a musician with true grit, and the iconic sound Grohl has is in there, so this guess makes sense. On the other hand, comedian-actor Ken Jeong agrees that the Orca must be a gritty rocker, but instead of Grohl, his bet is that it's Smashing Pumpkins lead singer, Billy Corgan.

However, Jenny McCarthy's guess is far weirder: she thinks that the "biggest fish in the sea" is famous actor Kevin Bacon, who recently gained attention for singing with his goats, and is known for his classic dance moves in Footloose

Comedian-actor Joel McHale, meanwhile — a guest judge on the episode — pondered whether the Orca might be Gordon Ramsey, who likes bossing people around, and then ultimately, he settled on Billy Corgan.

Still not sure what to think? Well, Parade has a totally different guess: they think that the man behind the Killer Whale mask is Mark McGrath — the frontman of Sugar Ray — based on the clues of the 2:59 time, as well as the pizza order story which the mysterious fish revealed in his clues. Other guesses that are floating around out there, according to The Wrap, have been Rami Malek, Ryan Reynolds, and Adam Sandler. Only time will tell who this gritty-toned singer is, but until then, fans can enjoy his amazing voice and performances.