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The Smartest Gallagher On Shameless Isn't Who You'd Think

Showtime's Shameless is a show like no other, and that's just one reason it has remained a popular show for 11 seasons while winning many awards throughout its run of more than a decade. The show is unfortunately nearing its finale, so it's time to reflect on the whacky Gallagher family we've come to love. A lot of dysfunction and growth has happened throughout the series, and it's become clear which Gallagher members have the smarts and which ones aren't the sharpest tools in the shed.

Now, viewers might be surprised at the smartest Gallagher pick, or they might be in agreement since there's a lot that goes into what "intelligent" means on this show. Sure, every Gallagher family member has excellent street smarts because they have no other choice. There are the obvious choices like Lip (Jeremy Allen White), Debbie (Emma Kenney), and Fiona (Emmy Rossum), but this person has been around a bit longer. Even though he might be rough around the edges, here's an impressive list of reasons this character can be considered the smartest Gallagher on Shameless.

Overall, Frank might be the most intelligent

Okay, hear us out first. Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy) is an alcoholic with no job and often leaves his kids to fend for themselves, but overall, he's survived as long as he has on sheer luck and intelligence. Frank can weasel his way in and out of any situation he's dealt with, and somehow earns money every month. Of course, he's had hard times on this show, and he's even made some of the worst decisions of any character. That said, he's a smooth talker, he's a natural leader, and eventually, he becomes a figurehead of the gay rights movement in Chicago.

He's definitely not a well-liked character, and he repeatedly disowns his own family before ultimately starting over without them. However, he always lands on his feet, always gets a free beer, and somehow gets the funds to get himself out of sticky situations when they arise. Also, when he goes on his famous rants, he brings up odd but relevant situations that often get him in trouble while still showing he's a walking, talking encyclopedia.