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Somebody Feed Phil Season 5 - What We Know So Far

Netflix is very well-known for its original content revolving around food and travel. Some are competition shows, like The Final Table, Nailed It!, and of course, The Great British Baking Show, while others focus on the joy and culture surrounding food around the world. Some fan-favorite and critically acclaimed Netflix Originals that fit this category are Chef's Table, Ugly Delicious, and last but not least, Somebody Feed Phil. The final show in that list is a travel documentary series that follows Phil Rosenthal, best known for being the creator of Everybody Loves Raymond, the hit sitcom starring Ray Romano that ran from 1996 to 2005.

Rosenthal is a writer, sometimes actor, and full-time food aficionado, and he brings all that talent to the Netflix series Somebody Feed Phil. For the premise, Rosenthal travels to various cities around the world sampling a wide array of the best food you can find there, featuring everything from street food to nine course meals. On his travels, Rosenthal has various guests come to eat, chat, and laugh with him. Considering he is one of the minds behind one of the biggest sitcoms in television history, it should come as no surprise to learn that Rosenthal has a wonderful sense of humor, and the series is very funny.

While laughing along with Rosenthal, viewers get to learn more about international cuisine and culture, and Somebody Feed Phil has rightfully been very successful for Netflix. The series has had four seasons on the streamer — with the most recent releasing on October 30, 2020 — but people want more. While a season 5 of has not yet been greenlit by the streamer, it is highly likely that Somebody Feed Phil will return with new episodes in the future. 

Here's everything we know about Somebody Feed Phil season 5, so far.

What is the release date for Somebody Feed Phil season 5?

As of right now, Netflix has not renewed or cancelled Somebody Feed Phil for a fifth season. But looking at the show's continued success, it's reasonable to believe that a renewal is on the horizon. As a travel food show, Somebody Feed Phil is largely hindered by COVID-19. Before the pandemic, the show was able to travel to places like Seoul, Marrakesh, and Venice with ease, but now that's quite difficult, so Netflix is likely questioning how to continue the series in the world we live in right now.

Rosenthal seems hopeful about the show's future. In an interview with The Wrap, Rosenthal spoke about season 5 plans, joking that "I think the show might have to now be called, 'Somebody Feed Phil al Fresco,' to take the safety into consideration. But you can still explore many different cultures and meet people and stay safe at the same time." In another conversation promoting the release of season 4, Rosenthal explicitly stated that he thinks the show will return, but that "there will be a slow evolution back" (via Houston Chronicle).

With all of this in mind, a possible release date for a fifth season is probably sometime in mid-2022, but it's all dependent on Netflix's plan and the state of safety around the world. Thankfully, Netflix has already begun restarting various productions, so hopefully Somebody Feed Phil is on their agenda.

What locations will Phil Rosenthal travel to in Somebody Feed Phil season 5?

In the same interview with The Wrap referenced earlier, Rosenthal mentioned all of the places he has not gone to yet on the series, and there's a lot. Rosenthal shared that he hasn't been to India, Australia, New Zealand, mainland China, Moscow, and many key cities in America. Of course, there's a lot more not on this list that he also has yet to visit, so the possibilities are endless.

Looking at the biggest cities around the world, a few notable locations that Rosenthal could visit include Sao Paulo, Brazil and Lima, Peru in South America, Kyoto, Japan and Manila, Philippines in Asia, or even Amsterdam, Netherlands and Berlin, Germany in Europe. When talking with Fine Dining Lovers in March of 2021, Rosenthal specifically mentioned that he "can't wait to go to Kyoto," so if there is a season 5 of Somebody Feed Phil, the Japanese city might be on the list.

Another option that the series might go for is to keep the travel within America, as that's easiest right now with COVID-19 restrictions still in place. Rosenthal has been to various US cities on the series already, like San Francisco, New Orleans, and New York City. But there are others like Portland, Boston, Philadelphia, and many more that are great places to explore, and like Rosenthal said in the recent interview, "you can get a great meal practically anywhere."

What food will be featured in Somebody Feed Phil season 5?

Somebody Feed Phil has already featured a full spectrum of types of food on the series' four seasons, with Rosenthal eating everything from glazed codfish and schnitzel in Copenhagen to snow crab risotto in Cape Town. Even considering where Rosenthal stated he hasn't traveled to yet on Somebody Feed Phil, it's hard to say what type of food he might encounter in those areas. Still, there are a few good guesses.

For example, if Somebody Feed Phil's fifth season ventures to Kyoto, Japan, Rosenthal will probably try some great tofu and Buddhist shojin ryori dishes — a phrase that means "devotion food" — as the area focuses a lot on vegetarian cuisine (via The Culture Trip). If he were to finally travel to India and stop in cities such as Mumbai or Delhi, Rosenthal would encounter fantastic curry and masala dishes, with many including paneer cheese, fresh flatbread, and lentils, as these are key ingredients used in Indian cooking. Rosenthal tends to find secret and unexpected places on his travels, so there are bound to be some surprising food finds as well. Looking at certain places like Australia, there isn't as solid a history of cultural food and the big cities feel more international, meaning Rosenthal could find any and all types of food there.

Overall, your guess is as good as anyone's on where a season 5 of Somebody Feed Phil might go and what Rosenthal might eat. Hopefully Netflix will have an announcement about the future of the series soon.