This Is The Least Intelligent Character In Shameless

After 11 seasons, Showtime's Shameless has earned a reputation for its crude humor and sticky situations. The Gallagher family is unquestionably dysfunctional and has never-ending issues. However, they have their own individual skills, which are sometimes hard to see because of all the situations they're getting into as a group. Throughout the series, each character has evolved and changed for better and for worse, depending on the season. There's never a shortage of conflict among the Gallaghers, especially after a decade of airing on Showtime.

The Gallaghers pave their own way to success, but at times, they commit incredibly stupid mistakes that make compelling TV. Either way, if viewers were to go back and binge-watch the seasons on Netflix, without a doubt, they'd come to the conclusion that the award for the most unintelligent character goes to the following person. Sure, there might be other contenders, but throughout the series, this character remained clueless.

Kevin Ball is the unfortunate winner

Kevin Ball (Steve Howey) is the owner of the Alibi Room and is the Gallaghers' neighbor and friend. He's often annoyed by his neighbors' antics but nonetheless, puts up with it. With all of that said, he's definitely one of the dullest bulbs of the bunch. It's revealed he's illiterate, but in season 2, he learns to read and write, which does give him brownie points.

Above all, Kevin is ditzy, and it's revealed in season 7 that Svetlana (Isidora Goreshter) has swindled him, as she presented him and V (Shanola Hampton) with bar ownership papers instead of adoption papers. On top of his lack of perception, Kevin is immature, and often leans into the "shamelessness" he has. For example, he sleeps with his mother-in-law, without really understanding the repercussions. He also gives Frank far too many free drinks, which contributes to Frank's alcoholism. 

Although Kevin might be considered the least intelligent character on Shameless, at least he's still a lovable guy.