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The One Thing Jared Padalecki Had To Change For Walker

Supernatural's Jared Padalecki is no stranger to transforming his body and his fitness regimen to suit a role. After getting cast on The WB's hit monster-hunter series in 2005, he had to not only do the usual bulking-up that's expected of action stars but also compensate for a sudden growth spurt by adding on an extra 35 pounds of muscle (via Men's Health).

Of course, if you ask any Supernatural fan, they'll tell you that Sam Winchester's physique is far from the main feature that made them fall in love with the character. The Supernatural cast's rugged good looks were certainly instrumental in establishing the show's rough-hewn, guys-being-dudes adventure tone, but it was their personalities, vulnerabilities, and sense of humor that made them so memorable and kept the show going for its record-shattering 15 seasons.

Now that Supernatural is over, Padalecki seems to have carried over that distinct sensibility to another action series. Walker, Texas Ranger, the '90s Western-flavored procedural starring Chuck Norris, is primarily remembered for its testosterone-fueled beatdowns, but The CW's ongoing reboot Walker has taken a more nuanced and character-driven approach. And, as it turns out, that also extends to Padalecki's physical preparation for the title role.

Jared Padalecki's workout routine for Walker is completely different from his Supernatural days

Where Supernatural was (or at least began as) a story of young, fresh-faced heroes, Walker's Texas Ranger Cordell Walker is a world-weary veteran. And befitting the story of his return to form in the wake of trauma, Jared Padalecki has changed his workout routine for the show so it's much more focused on recovery than impressive swelling.

A decade and a half after telling Men's Health about training with bench-press champion Scot Mendelson, Padalecki, now a husband and father of three, has adapted to changes in his body caused by an on-set injury and subsequent shoulder surgery in 2014 (Showbiz CheatSheet). Per his latest Men's Health sit-down, that has meant prioritizing dumbbells and body-weight exercises over the barbells and bench presses of olden Winchester days, as well as eating healthy rather than putting on mass, among other significant adjustments.

The new routine is more than enough for the purposes of Walker, a show that, for as much as it may call for a certain degree of realistic physical fitness, isn't all that concerned with displays of brawn at the end of the day. Indeed, Padalecki only took the role in the first place because of how deeply it interested him as an actor. If this is a sign that Supernatural has helped us usher in a new era of more complex, proudly imperfect TV action heroes, that would certainly be welcome.